Five Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Alone

Some of us don’t have a family we can go home to, and some of us don’t want to travel because of COVID-19. Whatever the reason may be, here are some fun ideas for spending Thanksgiving alone.

Take a self-care day

Most places are closed on Thanksgiving Day and classes are out, so today would be the day to unwind and practice self-care. Take a bubble bath and speak words of affirmation to yourself out loud. It might seem silly, but showing yourself some love can improve your mood and make the holiday feel less lonely.

Get outdoors

Fall is the season where it gets chilly and the leaves are different shades of reds and oranges. The air also feels crisp and refreshing. Take some time to step into nature and be present in the moment. A park is a great place to go for a walk or to take a seat and people watch. If you’re not 100% a nature person, walk around the neighborhood instead. You can use this time to take a break from social media and all the bad news going on. 

Connect or Reconnect

Thanksgiving is usually the time people travel to see old friends and family. It’s also a great time to reconnect with people you might not talk to as often. Host a Zoom reunion with old friends and do an activity together to catch up. You can even have a Netflix party to watch a holiday movie. The same thing can be done for family members that are too far away this season.


If you want to be in the presence of people, shelters might need help serving meals to the community. You’ll be able to join other people in fellowship with the goal of spreading happiness. Interacting with others for a second can make a holiday day even better. And you never know who will be willing to share their story to a listening ear.

Thanksgiving Takeout

The best part of the holidays is the food. If you’re missing out on a home cooked meal, you might be able to find a restaurant that can get you close. If you’re in the south, there are soul food restaurants that often have a special Thanksgiving menu. These restaurants are also usually local. Ordering a meal gives you an opportunity to support a smaller business while enjoying comfort food.


Whatever your plans are this holiday, make sure to practice self-care. The world is in a stressful moment and it can be hard to remember to slow down. Enjoy your holiday as a true day off.