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Runner’s Guide: LA Edition


“Something’s got to make you run,” sings Norah Jones, and she’s definitely on to something. Whether you’re hoping to shed a few pounds after your spring break binging, looking to change up your workout routine, or you simply can’t stand the treadmill anymore, here are ten tips for running right here in LA!

1. Invest in a great pair of running shoes. Find shoes that fit your foot and the way you run rather than shoes that look cute and match your workout wardrobe. Save the cute pair for “athletically-chic” inspired class outfits.

2. Get a watch or use your phone, and time yourself. Go out and try to beat your own time.

3. Set goals. Whether you want to be able to run one or twenty miles, make a plan for yourself. Once you’ve set goals, run after them – literally!

4. Perfect your playlist. Music is a game-changer when it comes to working out. Create a playlist that works for your mood, your goal, and pushes you to run harder, faster, and longer.

5. Change it up. If you usually go for a long jog, try a sprint workout. Get lost on a different trail.

6. Playa Del Rey Beach Path: This path winds right along the water and stretches from Playa Del Rey all the way past Hermosa. There are quarter mile, half mile, and mile markers along the way with a fantastic ocean view perfect for capturing the mid-run Instagram!

7. Playa Del Rey Park is a short jog down Lincoln from the front gates with a soccer field and drinking fountains. Five times around the field is one mile if you’re looking to work on pacing. Plus, the uphill on the way back to campus challenges you to push yourself and work harder.

8. Run on campus! If you’re brave enough to despite the fact someone you know might see you getting your sweat on, LMU’s sidewalks and bluff trails are always available – you almost don’t need to leave your dorm for this run!

9. Get a group to run with. If someone else is counting on you to run with them, you’re less likely to bail on the workout.

10. Sign up for races! There are hundreds of races in LA every year, and what better incentive to do a race than a free T-shirt!

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