Free Phone Apps to keep you Physically and Mentally Healthy

First and most importantly, some humor. Can someone please do a parody of Lauv’s song i’m so tired... as follows: I’m so tired of COVID-19, I just wanna leave home, I just wanna leave home, I just wanna leave, whoa. On a serious note, staying home is the responsible, necessary course of action to ensure everyone is remaining healthy and safe. With this time, we can spend it with loved ones, start a new hobby, and enjoy a break from our fast-paced lives. If you know of anyone still working during this period or in the healthcare industry, please thank them. In fact, thank you to all of those continuing to provide essential services for us; I am sure we can all agree we appreciate it. 

With that being said, I wanted to share some free phone apps I have been using to keep myself at my best during this virus.  

Phone In Hand Coffee Sightglasscoffee Amy Cho / Spoon

Free Fitness Apps

I have become rather lazy when it comes to creating and scheduling workouts. Fitness apps are a great method of 1.) planning a workout, 2.) implementing new exercises directly from experts, 3.) ensuring you are using correct form, and finally, 4.) switching things up to prevent from plateauing or getting bored. My favorites free apps are listed below.

For comprehensive workout programs

  • Adidas Training

  • Nike Training 

For a list of different exercises to incorporate

  • FitBod

Must have tool

  • IntervalTimer


Free Mental Health Apps

“Your mental health is a priority. Your happiness is an essential. Your self-care is a necessity.” ~ unknown

My Favorite App of All Time

  1. Sanity&Self: As a side note, they do have a premium version, but I feel their free content is useful and great too. I highly recommend the premium version. This is by far my favorite app as it has a variety of topics including guided meditations, career related content, break-up advice, and even workouts. 

Mental Health Reflection

  • MindShift CBT: Great app to understand where your anxiety comes from and journal your thoughts.


Free Educational Apps

Video Lectures on almost every subject

  • Khan Academy

Learn a New Language: Ladies, it’s time to prep for your next abroad trip

  • Duolingo

Flash Cards

  • Quizlet

Online Learning Essentials

  • Adobe Scan

  • Zoom: Because there’s an app for education now.