Corepower Yoga: How it Changed the Way I View Exercise

As an extremely uncoordinated and generally unathletic person, I always thought exercise wasn’t for me. As a kid, I tried every sport - soccer, tennis, swimming, volleyball, skiing… I finally came to terms with the fact that sports weren’t for me. Working out was always on my to-do list, but always seems to slip away and become a “tomorrow issue” until I tried corepower yoga.

My friends came to me after trying it and raved about how amazing it was. They begged me to try it. I was skeptical - to say the least. I had never tried yoga and didn’t understand how a tree pose was going to make me fit and healthy. Also, I did not do well in heat, so this sounded like my worst nightmare. 

One day, I reluctantly agreed to go with my friends. I walked in feeling clueless and walked out with a completely different view of not only corepower but myself. In that 1 hour class, my perspective had changed. I decided to give it a chance.

After going to several classes, I realized I was officially hooked. I finally saw the appeal of hot yoga! The class can seem extremely intimidating as it’s filled with a variety of people, some beginners, and others, very toned, advanced yogis. I am not saying it’s easy, but it is completely worth it. After about a week, I already started to see results!

Some classes are more difficult than others, but I always walk out feeling cleansed - through mind and body. Sweating everything away and taking a moment for yourself is extremely empowering. You sweat a lot without feeling drained or tired, and rather feel energized and ready to take on the next task. It’s also an amazing stress reliever, and overall a wonderful way to take care of your mind and body and to practice self-care.

Corepower offers many other types of classes, such as Corepower Yoga 1 (unheated beginner class), Corepower Yoga 2 (heated intermediate class), Hot Power Fusion, Yoga Sculpt, and special classes. This is a low impact workout, making it very easy to modify to personal body conditions. There are corepower locations all over, and the classes are only an hour long. This made it extremely easy for me to establish it in my everyday routine! 

While this article may not sell you on the idea of hot yoga, as it is not for everyone, I hope this will motivate you to go out and try new things, as you never know until you give it a chance!