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7 Ways to Conquer those 8:00 AMs




As a busy college student drowning in homework staying up till 2:00 AM every night, morning have become our worst enemy. We fight the clock every morning repeatedly pressing the snooze button rolling out of bed just in time to sprint to our 8:00 AM. Our mornings are hectic, stressful, and start our day off on a negative note.

Speaking from someone with 8:00 AMs everyday of the week, running to class every morning is not a good habit to get into. I would consider myself a huge morning person and have puts steps into my morning routine to start my day on the right foot. Here are eight ways to fake your way into being a morning person and startyour day off right.


1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier than you need to

The worst feeling on a Monday morning is pressing the snooze button one too many times and waking up five minutes before your first class. Rather than getting in those extra five minutes of sleep every and racing against the clock, set your alarm fifteen minutes before you need to. Your body needs at least thirty minutes before you leave your dorm to fully wake up and begin functioning for your day.


2. 5-Minute Yoga

The first step in my morning routine is taking a couple minutes to sit up in bed and stretch. Doing some basic stretches and yoga poses helps activate and loosen up the body after lying down all night. I usually begin by lying on my back with my knees up and taking a few deep breaths. Then transition into the “Happy Baby” stretch and after the “Cobra” to stretch out your back. Finally, I sit up in bed and take a couple minutes to stretch my arms and legs before I get out of bed to start my day.


3. Creating a morning routine

Even if you aren’t a “morning person”, creating a relaxing morning routine sets you on the right path for the rest of the day. My morning routine consists of waking up, brewing a cup of coffee with my Keurig, turning on my fairy lights, putting on an episode of Brooklyn 99 (the current show I’m binging), and doing my makeup at a leisurely pace. I specifically wake up earlier than necessary and set aside these twenty-five minutes to myself. This time allows me to wake up, collect my thoughts, and have a little me time before a hectic day.


4. A healthy and cheap breakfast

One step that you can easily eliminate from your current routine is sprinting to the dining hall before class. I almost always eat breakfast in my dorm, which is both a huge time saver and can be way cheaper than the seven-dollar breakfast sandwiches from the Lair. An average breakfast for me consists of a yogurt and granola bowl or some oatmeal with blueberries and brown sugar on top. I usually buy these items in bulk from Costco or Vons, which is much cheaper than grabbing a seven dollar Jamba Juice in the morning. As long as you have a mini fridge and access to a microwave, it’s fairly easy to make yourself breakfast in your room. It also serves as an extra motivator to wake up in the morning knowing you get to eat food as soon as you get out of bed.


5. Podcasts and audio books

Sometimes, I wake up with ZERO motivation to go to class and do my homework. In an ideal world I would just sit in bed and watch Netflix, but normally I do have to get up and go to class. One way that I motivate myself is incorporating an inspirational podcast or audiobook to get me in a productive mood. Listening to a podcast or audiobook engages a different part of the brain than your favorite Netflix show and puts you in the right mindset for your first class.



6. NEVER leave homework to do in the morning

The worst habit to get into is doing your homework the morning its due. Not only does that encourage procrastination the night before, but it starts your day on a stressful note. Would you rather wake up frantically to finish the final page on your theology paper? Or would you rather leisurely roll out of bed and make yourself a good cup of coffee? There are weeks where you feel like you are drowning in homework and all you want to do at night is sleep. Yet, with some good time management skills (I could write a whole other article about this), you can avoid doing that online quiz an hour before class.


7. Looking over planner and to do list

Right before I leave, I always look over my planner to make sure I know my schedule. This step focuses me for my day and reminds me of the week’s schedule. I also make a to do list of everything I want to do that day. This simple task gives you goals to accomplish throughout the day and ensure that you have a set plan for getting any homework and tasks done.


Changing my morning routine has truly transformed my productivity and mindset for the day. I actually get excited in the morning to wake up, have my coffee and breakfast, and just take some time for myself. Being in a college atmosphere where everything is nonstop, having a designated time to relax and be alone is incredibly valuable. Take these steps one at a time, slowly implementing them into your day, and get ready to love your mornings.








I am a freshman communications studies major at Loyola Marymount University.
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