5 Ways to Make Daylights Savings Feel Less Dark

I hate daylight savings. I don’t like waking up in the dark, and I especially don’t like that it feels like midnight before I have even eaten dinner. While I can’t do anything about how it now gets dark at 5:30 pm, I have discovered a few tricks that have made the transition a lot easier. 


1. Candles!!

I accidentally got back into my seventh grade White Barn candle obsession lately in an attempt to make my room cozier in quarantine. Not only does it make my room smell nicer and feel a lot cozier, but it also makes everything feel a lot brighter. Additionally, it makes you feel like an influencer filming your night routine, which is always an added bonus!


2. Avoid naps too late in the day

I used to take naps around 4 pm, but recently, I have had to snap out of that habit. I found that falling asleep while it is still light outside and waking up when it’s already dark makes me feel sluggish for the rest of the day (probably because I associate the feeling with being homesick in elementary school). If I feel tired during the day, I try to take a nap around 2, or I resolve to just go to bed early. 


3. Invest in an electric water kettle

One of my absolute favorite parts of the Fall semester on-campus was going to study in the library with my friends and our Starbucks drinks while looking out at the pretty Playa Vista lights. In an attempt to recreate this feeling at home, I have recently invested in an electric water kettle. It has been such a game-changer and has easily become the most used appliance in our kitchen! It’s hard to be upset about a long night when tea and hot chocolate are involved!


4. Try an evening workout

I used to love running, but with my class schedule, it’s been hard to get outside before the sun sets. Lately, my roommates and I have been doing YouTube workouts around 6 pm in our living room. It’s so much fun and a great bonding experience. It energizes me without interrupting my sleep. Plus, it gives me something fun to look forward to with the setting sun. 


5. Make the most of the daylight!!

If it’s not too cold, take your class outside! Go on a picnic! Take a walk! If it’s already too cold, open up your blinds and let the sunlight in. Make the most of the sunlight, I promise you will feel a thousand times better.