5 Ways to Give Yourself a Break

College can be a stressful time for everyone. With homework and busy schedules, life can get stressful - to say the least. Once in a while, you have to sit back and give yourself a break. We all know that feeling of getting so busy, and feeling like time is just slipping away. So here are a few tips to relax, and enjoy life.

  1. 1. Workout

    Working out may seem like a chore or just something on your to do list, but it is actually a great way to release stress. Working out also helps you sleep better at night, which helps with your physical and mental health. Regular exercise is also a great way to improve self-esteem!

  2. 2. Sleep

    It may seem simple, but tons of people are actually sleep deprived. Feeling irritated, sluggish, and depressed will not help you in school, or in life. Your body cannot function properly without the right amount of sleep. So, be nice to your mind and body and make sure you get at least 7-9 hours of sleep. Naps are a great way to recharge and give yourself that extra boost too!

  3. 3. Clean

    Cleaning can be very therapeutic. If your room has clothes all over the floor, you are going to feel stressed - whether you realize it or not. Clutter will only lead to more stress and anxiety. Also if you live in a dorm, you don’t have much space to work with. So, staying organized and clean will allow for your mind to function in an open and clean space.

  4. 4. No Phones

    Phones and computers take up so much time out of our day. With Netflix and social media like Snapchat and Instagram, it is easy to spend hours staring at a screen. Instead, try to take some time out of your day to do things you enjoy without a screen. Go outside, spend time with friends and family, do things that make you happy. Surprisingly, it can be very refreshing to not have to check your phone every few minutes.

  5. 5. Be positive

    You are not going to succeed in anything if you have a negative mindset. It is easy to resort to being negative and to hate the world, but that is not going to get you anywhere in life. So make your best effort to put good things out into the world, because good things will come back to you.