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3 Things You’ll Learn After Your First SoulCycle Experience

After some HCLMU staff members visited SoulCycle Santa Monica for our first class, we learned a few things. (Note: SoulCycle classes are awesome, but free SoulCycle classes are even better. ) Here’s some parting wisdom:

Until you finish your first SoulCycle class, you don’t…

1) … know what sweat is. We were drenched when we finished up with our instructor, Kara, but felt so accomplished! The showers that followed were the best (and most necessary) of our lives.

2) …know what happiness is. The science of endorphins making you happy is 100% true after a spin class with soul.  We nearly skipped out of the room! Surely the fun music, great support and awesome workout were the culprits.

3) …know how amazing it is to work out in the dark. After your first SoulCycle class, you’ll wonder why you ever settled for florescent, unflattering gym lighting. Working out in the dark makes you feel like you can do anything, and no one (especially the cute guys in the front row) can judge your sweat-in-the-eyes squinting that will definitely happen.

Especially with the holidays right around the corner (pie, cookies, more pie, more cookies),  it’s the perfect time to squeeze in a session at a SoulCycle near you!


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