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3 Steps to Take When You’re Feeling Stuck in the Same Old, Same Old

Ever since returning to my tedious schedule of Zoom class after Zoom class after a nice, relaxing spring break, I can feel myself losing motivation, feeling tired, and really just stuck in the cycle of doing the same thing practically every day. How do we combat this? Here are some simple tips and tricks to get you out of that weird funk that a lot of us are currently feeling.

Talk to someone!

With COVID still being a safety and health concern, it can feel hard to stay connected to those you love. When I’m feeling down, one of my favorite things to do is reach out to someone who I know will cheer me up, whether that’s a friend I haven’t seen in a long time, my mom, or my grandma. Having that one conversation can really turn your whole day around. Talking to someone about how you’re feeling does so much more than you’d think and can totally lift a weight off of you that you might not have even realized you were carrying.

Change up your routine

Routines are great, and ever since moving to LA last January, I have gotten into a daily morning routine that I have really grown to like. Sometimes, though, I need a change-up! My roommate and I love being very spontaneous, which I happen to think is very healthy and contributes to my overall happiness. For example, she randomly decided to take a road trip to San Diego this past weekend, which really lifted her spirits and was a good change of scenery. We both value the little things in our days; reading a new book, going on a walk, journaling at the beach, painting something, having a girls’ movie night, etc. When you’re feeling bored and not very excited about your life, changing it up and trying something new is really going to make the biggest difference in your mood. Also, planning ahead in your week for something to look forward to such as a game or movie night can be super beneficial and a huge source of motivation to get you through the week.

  Sage yourself/Reset your space & self

I recently have become a big believer in smudging sage. If I’m upset about something, if it’s a new month, if something negative happened, and/or if the overall vibe of my home seems bad, then I know it’s time to smudge myself or my house. According to Women’s Health, the benefits of sage of course include clearing your mind and spirit but also ridding the toxins we breathe in everyday, and getting rid of the dust and pollen inside your space. If you don’t want to actually use the sage, do what works for you to reset your mind and space. Maybe that means meditation for you, organizing your space, donating clothes you don’t wear anymore, or maybe deleting your social media for a week. Resetting and taking a break means something different for everyone.

These three things are simple, yet so rewarding. I think everyone can benefit from these ideas. Last but not least, don’t forget that many people feel bored or unhappy at times and that it’s okay to feel that way. 

Be kind to yourself, especially during these hard times :-)

Natalie Pernas is a sophomore Dance major & Public Relations minor at Loyola Marymount University. She grew up in Portland, OR, but recently relocated to Medford, NJ. Natalie is so excited to join Her Campus this year! When Natalie has free time, she loves taking spin classes, cooking, and drinking iced coffee!
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