The Single Girl’s Survival Guide For Christmas

The festive season is once again upon us, and while it may seem that love actually is all around, for the single girl, Christmas can be a minefield of PDA dodging, fifth wheeling and tearing up as you watch The Holiday for the seventeenth time that year. Huge disclaimer here: I adore seeing people loved up at Christmas, and indeed any time of the year, I’m actually a real sucker for it, but I do understand that for many, the festive fear is real. So before you reach for that week old half bottle of Echo Falls and stick on Celine Dion in a Bridget Jones-style meltdown, rest assured that your Christmas fairy godmother is here to banish some of those festive blues with a few top tips for surviving a single Christmas (or at least I’ll try..!).

1. Pre-empt the family quiz:

We’ve all been there; you’ve been away for a few months and upon your return discover that suddenly your love life has become the hottest topic of conversation between grandparents, uncles and cousins alike. But instead of fumbling together a few mumbled words and glaring at your mum for even allowing the conversation to happen, I suggest you go in prepared: “No grandma, I’ve been far too busy acing my exams, keeping up my volunteering and work experience and maintaining my strong friendships to even consider the thought” ought to do the trick nicely.


2. Practice strict tinder avoidance:

You may well have been spoilt for choice on the university Tinder scene, but believe it or not once you return home, it’s a desolate world out there, a world full of other well-known home singletons searching for a Christmas ego boost and reminding you just how small your home town really is. You’re better than this! So close the app, call up your friends and avoid any awkward ex encounters at all costs. You won’t regret it.

3. The gym is your new boyfriend:

The slip into festive indulgence is undoubtedly made easier by the single life - and the massive Christmas jumpers which cover a multitude of sins - but instead of returning to the new term stressed and feeling the holiday pounds, sweat it out at the gym and return as an even more fabulous version of you (and if not at least you can say you procrastinated in a more imaginative way than a third box set on Netflix)

4. Feel the love:

Nobody likes a Grinch-style party pooper who doesn’t want to see anyone else loved up. So embrace the love, accept the free pity drinks, take the couple photos, and smile smugly under the mistletoe safe in the knowledge that you have no awkward first time family meetings to face this year.

5. To Me, From Me:

Now whilst having a significant other at Christmas may be all well and good, they don’t come cheap that’s for sure. So why not take that £150 you would have spent and buy all of the clothes you’ve had your eyes on for weeks. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll be looking tip top for your seasonal night out, and who knows, might even bag yourself a cheeky New Year’s kiss.

Happy Holidays!


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