How Her Campus Has Enhanced My Time in University

During my first year of university, I had a hard time finding my place on campus. I was struggling with adjusting to university life and found it hard to meet new people at the University of Florida. I reluctantly joined some societies for the sole purpose of enhancing my resume. While I did get to meet people, I wasn’t feeling a true connection with them. Then, in the fall semester of my second year, I saw that Her Campus UFL, my home university’s Her Campus chapter was hosting an event. I knew a little about Her Campus before starting university. I had searched up many questions relating to university life on Google and Her Campus articles popped up in my search results, providing insightful information. I decided to attend the event since Her Campus had piqued my interest in the past. The event involved makeup artists giving free makeovers to students and free makeup samples were provided at the event as well. I saw how happy everyone was at the event and ended up applying to be on the team for spring semester. Over Christmas break I received an email telling me I was accepted. I was so excited and could not wait to be a part of an organization that supports women in university.

Soon, the spring semester came along and my time with Her Campus UFL began. I eagerly started writing articles for the site based on my own experiences, including articles about university life. I also bonded very quickly with many of the girls just after meeting them for the first time. Many of them were involved with other organizations which hosted events and I always tried to find time to attend those events to support them. We would also talk amongst each other about our day to day struggles of university life and I never felt alone with any issue I had. Very quickly, the semester came to an end. I had such an amazing time with Her Campus UFL. I met an amazing, kind, and talented group of girls who became good friends of mine. As a computer science major, I am mostly surrounded by males in my courses and have cherished the ladies I met through Her Campus.

After spring semester was over, I was sad to leave Her Campus UFL since my exchange at the University of Leeds would begin in the fall. Out of curiosity, I looked up my host university to see if they had a Her Campus chapter and they did! I was so thrilled with the possibility that I could continue having a supportive girl gang at university. That fall, at the societies fair, I went up to the Her Campus Leeds table and they gave me all the necessary information. I was so excited to continue my time with Her Campus. I had the same feeling of excitement as I began to write articles for the site. At Her Campus Leeds, I also posted on the social media pages as well on designated days of the week with posts ranging from relatable memes to quality photos I captured of the campus. I was met with the same feeling I had at my home university chapter, surrounding myself with a group of supportive women. Since the University of Leeds is a very international school, I was able to meet ladies from many different countries through Her Campus Leeds. In addition, the socials have also been really enjoyable events to attend to get a break from studying and spend time with amazing people. My first social with Her Campus Leeds was the Junkyard Golf social which was a very unique experience. I have done mini golf before, but never indoors with funky neon lights and colorful drinks.

[Image: Junkyard Golf, Leeds]

Even though I failed to score on par throughout the game, I enjoyed spending the time with the ladies of Her Campus as we all chatted throughout the evening. After the first social, I didn’t want to leave. I had such a great time and could not wait to spend more time with these girls. Throughout the year, I have gotten to know people better through the meetings and socials. My year abroad flew by and I can’t believe my time with Her Campus Leeds is coming to a close. It is a bitter-sweet feeling for me, and I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of Her Campus during my exchange in another country. I am sad to leave this group of girls and wish I could stay to be a part of it.

At both my home and host university, Her Campus has made my time in university so much more enjoyable by providing the opportunity to improve my skills in writing and creativity while surrounding myself with a group of supportive women. While I have been involved with other societies and organizations at school, no other society has given me the experiences that Her Campus has.