How Starting a Skincare Routine Changed my Life

Before my third year of university, the thought of a skincare routine never even crossed my mind. This will sound appalling to die-hard skincare fans (such as myself now), however, I never even used to wash my face in the morning or before bed. I would use some Cetaphil in the shower and on some days, a Cetaphil moisturizer and I was content with that until I started realizing the toll it was taking on my skin. I would break out, my pores were huge, my skin was puffy and yet my skin was dry and flaky. I didn’t understand what was happening, I hadn’t had issues like this with my skin since I was 13/14 and was prone to major breakouts. I did know one thing, however, my skin was dry and it got to a point where I had dry patches of skin all over my face. At this point, I realized I needed to be using my moisturizer every day and started using my Cetaphil moisturizer which had SPF to protect my skin from the sun. This helped with the dry patches and breakouts, however, my skin was still dull and had dark spots and scarring from previous breakouts. This was when I introduced The Ordinary into my routine. Their ascorbic acid and alpha-arbutin mix serum is meant for targeting dark spots and acne blemishes. I’ve been using it for about a year now and it has had amazing effects on my acne scars. The best part is it’s only $10 and a little goes a long way! It took another few months of using this in my routine, including still washing my face in the shower with Cetaphil until I finally decided that I wanted to create a full-on routine for myself. It took me a solid six months to create and finalize a routine that works for me and my skin. Now that I have done so, I now find that the time I take for myself in the mornings and evenings has changed how I feel when getting up and going to bed. I feel much happier knowing that I am doing something to take care of myself. On top of this, my confidence has also greatly improved as my skin is the healthiest it’s ever been. 


Currently, my morning routine consists of this:

  • I wash my face with Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash 

    •  I only have to use a small amount as it lathers nicely 

  • I tone with Lush Eau Roma Water 

  • I apply two-four drops of The Ordinary serum to my hands and then apply to my face 

    • As I said, a little goes a long way with this product 

  • I then apply one-two pumps of Drunk Elephants Vitamin C Day Serum 

  • After this, I take my rose quartz jade roller and gua sha stone and roll the serums into my face

  • Next, I will apply my Cetaphil moisturizer

    • Every other day I will mix in Drunk Elephants A-Passioni Retinol cream 

  • Once I’m done with this I will apply Saje’s Sun Guard which is 30SPF  

This is my night routine: 

  • I will wash my face with Philosophy's Purity Made Simple cleanser 

    • This one also lathers quite nicely 

  • I use the same Lush toner as mentioned above

  • I then apply two pumps of Drunk Elephant T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Resurfacing Night Serum 

  • Then I apply Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum 

  • I apply the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask 

  • Lastly, I take some of Saje’s Sleep Well Coconut and Shea Body Butter and rub some into my hands and a little underneath my nose 

I highly recommend starting a skincare routine, it doesn’t have to be intricate or expensive, do research and find out what your skin needs. Make it fun and make it your own, you deserve to treat yourself and your body with love, and that includes your skin.