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How I Gained Motivation to Workout

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I have always found it very hard to get myself to go to the gym. I never had the motivation or the money to get a membership. But at college, the gym is so easily accessible that I have made me begin a gym routine. Here are some of the tricks I used to get myself motivated to workout. 

  1. Go with a partner

One of the most important things that have helped me go to the gym is having someone to go with! My “gym buddy” is one of my closest friends at college, and she has been a huge part of the reason I began going to the gym. It helps that she has been going for a while, so she is able to also show me different workouts and how to use the equipment, etc. However, you do not have to go with someone who has experience. You can start going with a friend who has also been wanting to start their workout journey and learn together. It’s all about the energy you bring each other and having someone to hold you accountable. 

  1. Create a workout routine

It was difficult to be at the gym without having a plan for what I was going to work on, and what exercises I was going to do. I like to have a page in my notes app dedicated to my workouts. As a beginner, I spend time on legs, arm/biceps, and back workouts. Over the past six months that I have been going to the gym, I have collected workouts from my friends and online and used them myself. I find that making a routine is extremely helpful because I know what I want to do before I go to the gym.  

  1. Make a fire playlist

One of my favorite parts of working out is listening to music that hypes me up. For me, this includes upbeat music like rap and pop. This ranges from Good as Hell by Lizzo, to Heartless by The Weeknd, to Come and Go by Juice Wrld. I filled my playlist with music that brings me the best energy to push me to exercise. I put on my workout playlist 15-30 minutes before working out to increase my motivation and boost my energy and mindset. 

  1. Put it on my calendar

This one is optional because as students or people with jobs, making the commitment to routinely workout can be difficult. However, it really helped me to put the days I wish to workout into your calendar or planner. Even if I do not have a set time, it can be good to put in the days. This way I can hold myself accountable to go to the gym. 

The most important thing I kept in mind when I was beginning to workout frequently, was to take it at my own pace. I did what works for me personally, and adjusted my routine to what I enjoyed or felt was right. I try not to think about everyone else in the gym, just focus on myself and my own progress. Just the fact that I am there and willing to put in the work is a huge step! I am proud of that.

Hello! My name is Olivia Prisco and I am a Psychology Major at Lasell University in the class of 2026. I am from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and I enjoy writing, playing tennis, and watching comedies. I am excited to be a part of the HER Campus community.