How to Combat Common Sleep Problems for a More Restful Night’s Sleep

You’d expect that because most the world is stuck at home you’d be able to get a good night’s sleep with no distractions. But if you’re reading this it clearly didn’t help you get a good night’s sleep.


Perhaps you are anxious and night is when that anxiety is unleashed on you. You have nothing to do but sit in the dark and think until you sleep. Take a few minutes before bed to create a meditation or breathe work. This will allow your mind to calm down as you center yourself. You can use guided meditations to even get you to sleep through apps and youtube.

You should also be creating a wind-down routine a half hour to an hour before bed to train your mind to get ready for bed. Take a nice relaxing bath or shower and set your temperature when you come out to 70 F for the best sleep quality. Find time to do something that is relaxing before bed. When you go to bed and live in a loud house you can also use a white noise machine. It can also be helpful to have a comfortable mattress and bedding.

Eating late can affect your sleep because your body is focusing on processing your food. You should try to avoid eating two hours before bed. This will allow you to not feel so heavy and find it easier to relax. Also, avoid drinking alcohol at night because it may initially make you fall asleep, but it will wake you up at night. It alters nighttime melatonin production.

Technology and Light

We have all heard about how blue light affects our sleep. It is best to sleep with your phone in another room but if you need to have your phone in your room and turn it on do not disturb. You should be not be using technology at least a half-hour before bed because it stimulates your brain. Instead, grab a book to read or focus on that pamper routine.

But technology is not the only cause. It can also because of the bright lights in your room. It is better to sleep with all nights off in a pitch-black room. If you do not have the opportunity to sleep without light then use a blackout mask. Along with a similar vein, light pollution or natural light can affect your body rhythm. If you have long bright days or live in an urban city invest in a good set of blackout curtains.

Irregular Schedule

I know that sometimes we can’t control our sleep schedule because of conflicts in our work and personal life. But having a regular sleep schedule can change your life. It is important to have a regular sleep schedule because it allows your body clock to adjust. If you notice your sleep patterns vary then you should go to bed and wake up around the same time. Even if you may not fall asleep at the same time, just lay in bed without distractions until you can fall asleep.

If you take naps, then it may be time to cut them out or cut down on their time frame. The perfect power nap is twenty minutes, anything over that can make you feel more tired. If you already dop naps for under twenty minutes then try a few weeks without naps. This will allow your body to get tired at a normal time for your body clock. Also, make sure to reduce afternoon caffeine because caffeine works in our system for up to 8 hours.