Healthy Habits to Start Today Since Most the World is Stuck at Home

Most of the world is in quarantine and if you are like the average college student you are bored and wishing you were still on campus. This can be a good break to get some healthy habits under your belt. There are no more excuses because of the large amount of free time. Make sure to start these habits today to see a long-lasting change in your life.

Create healthy eating habits

College creates a lot of bad eating habits and now this is the time to switch up your routine to have a more positive experience with food. You probably now have time to cook some of your own food, which can save money and allow you to have more power over what you consume. Try to experiment with new things to incorporate great health foods. You now have time for that recipe you’ve been dying to try. Take a look at what you are currently eating and try to see where you can improve with some food swaps.

Many college students do not have time to eat because of their schedule. Make sure to try to eat three meals a day, yes including breakfast. Food is fuel and helps you get your work done. Even if you don’t have any work to do and plan to lounge around the house, eating three meals a day can help with hunger management and aid your body’s natural processes.

Make Me Time A Priority

You deserve a rest and now there is no excuse for not honoring yourself. If you have been wanting to have some “me time” then this is your time. Don’t be a workaholic in order to distract yourself, take the time to read a book or watch a movie or learn a new hobby. Take a digital detox if you see the internet is starting to get to you, you can do it for a day or take the challenge of logging off of social media for a week.

Self-care isn’t just pampering or doing what you want. You need to take care of your external and internal bodies. Make time in your day with time blocking in order to exercise. Since gyms are currently closed check out youtube and exercise apps for at-home workouts. It can be easy to become a couch potato because of at home work. It is important that we stretch and move our bodies to help care for them. Meditation is also key to having a balanced life.

Meditation helps to improve emotional balance, helps with brain health and even helps with pain relief. Our mental health and brain health is important. Meditation is an easy way to look after ourselves with little effort. If you are new to meditation check out guided meditation apps or free meditations online.

Take care of your health

It’s no secret that college students don’t get a lot of sleep. This is the time to rest and make sleep a priority. The average adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep to be able to have our body’s proper function. The lack of sleep can affect everything from brain function to our immune system. So let’s all try to get at least seven hours of sleep without any breaks.

As a reminder please practice good hygiene. I know for many people this can be hard for various reasons but this can be great not only for your physical health but mental health. It’s the small things that count like taking a shower and brushing your teeth.

Everyone is now talking about staying home when sick. But, in reality, we should be doing this already. Spend this time learning to be okay with staying home when sick and caring for your body’s need. If you have any health concerns nurture your body by making sure to take all medications and following the doctor’s orders. We can neglect our health and take it for granted, let’s learn to care for our body when we are sick or battling illnesses.

Declutter and Clean Daily

It’s so easy to put on chores and tasks in the home. Since we are stuck in our houses, you no longer have an excuse to leave your clothing piled in the corner. Start small and clean for a few minutes a day to maintain a clean environment, including making your bed every morning and picking up after yourself. When you make a mess then remember to clean up after

If you are working at home, a clean space is a clean mind. So get to getting rid of the old and making new room for peace of mind. Declutter what no longer serves your purpose because it’s just taking up your space. You can donate items that are in good condition or recycle them to reduce waste.

There is no reason why these habits can’t be kept after social distancing. Start these habits today (while it’s easier) to see amazing changes.