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Going to the Gym as Told by Fat Amy

Summer is around the corner and we’re all working to get our beach bodies back. Here’s Fat Amy narrating our gym experience.

When we do cardio

When we start doing floor exercises

How we feel at zumba

When we have a session with a personal trainer

When we lift:

And when working out gets too much

And lastly when we conquer the gym like a boss!

Caitlin is currently the Campus Correspondent for Lasell College and is anticipating graduation in 2015 from Lasell College with a B.A in communications. She is majoring in communications with a focus in journalism. When not at school she works in retail. When she isn't busy with Her Campus or school work, she enjoys archery, reading, shopping (with an addiction to shoes), and exploring as much as possible. Her favorite books include the whole Harry Potter series, any mystery/ thriller novel, and historical fiction.
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