What Second Year Of Uni Is REALLY Like

For all you first years, you’re probably worrying and looking forward to your second-year of university – since this year actually counts. Here are a couple of pointers for what to expect!

1. You start off telling yourself you WON’T be how you were in first year


You start off with your new stationery, clean room and your life seemingly together. You refuse to get in those drunken states you were constantly in in first year and since this year counts, you’re going to get everything done early and be the perfect student. This might briefly happen (and for some it happens for the whole year), but don’t forget freshers’ week and turning to a bev after a few stressful seminars. Also, this year is more demanding so sometimes going out is a way to let off some steam.

2. You’ve probably got a student house – and it’s great.


Usually in second-year everyone moves out of halls and gets a house with their closest friends, which is usually cheaper, in a better location (for clubs and bars) and you can share with who you like. You finally have a living room and a TV (that some halls don’t provide) and a double bed! You can also have parties when you like and with who you like (without noise complaints). Although, getting to Uni when hungover is a bit more of a trek than just rolling out of bed when living in halls.

3. Brace yourself for the mess


Most student halls have a cleaner who gives the bathrooms and kitchen a bit of a clean – in second year if you move out you become the cleaner. My advice would be to come up with a rota for taking out the bins (otherwise a mountain forms in your back garden), cleaning the kitchen and tidying the living room. It’s okay in the first few months but overtime the dishes mount up, the takeaway boxes consume the living room and an odour begins. To avoid stress over exam period, keeping the house reasonably clean is a must, therefore it’s useful to try and get everyone involved. Otherwise it becomes pretty unliveable (and your landlord won’t be happy and you could even face fines).

4. Last minute essays still happen


Not all students are like this, but often when you have 1034 deadlines you often end up finishing (or starting) an essay that’s due in the same day because, as I said, second year is more demanding than the first year.

5. Your essays might improve, but habits often stay the same.


Last year might have been a struggle to reach word limits, but even in second year your waffling habits still stand.

6. Your stress levels increase


Along with all the drinking, deadlines and dirty house comes stress. Many people won’t be affected by these factors, but at some point it can be very stressful, so be prepared. Take a weekend back home to get away from the drinking, mess and essays. Or take a short vacation. Don’t let university life take over.

7. Learning to balance everything


I think this is the year you start to feel like adult-life has really hit you. You have to juggle a lot of things at once. This is a good thing as it sets you up for when you leave uni - you learn to cook for yourself, keep your house tidy, get work in on time, work hard and time manage- vital skills and experience preparing you for the future.

8. You have to start thinking about your dissertation



Not to stress you out too much, but on particular courses they introduce you to the idea of starting to think about your dissertation. This is scary, but all you have to do is begin considering the area you want to work with and you can talk to your tutors about it too.

9. Consider your future more


Will you be wanting to take a masters? What experience do you need for a particular graduate job? Do you want to stay at uni forever? I know it’s still early days, but time goes WAAAY too quick once first year of uni is over. Soon enough it’ll be third year. So, just start to consider what kinds of experience you should try to get for summer, setting you up for third year.

10. You’ll still have just as much fun as first year


Even though your workload is bigger you will still have just as much fun! You can still go out and have fun with your friends, go on trips and do what you like! So, don’t worry about your second year just because it ‘counts’ – just do your best and make sure you still enjoy your university experience at the same time!