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Exam Stress as Told by Mary Berry

Exams are right around the corner, so what are we going to do? Procrastinate as much as possible and start revision as late as we can! Enjoy this procrastinatory read about dealing with exam stress instead of … dealing with exam stress…

Weeks ago, you planned to start revision early- instead you made a shed-load of revision lists and to-do lists. Hey, at least you’ve done… something?

1 hour into revision and the guy sat opposite you in the library has become the fittest person you’ve ever seen in your life…

You book study pods in the library with friends to keep motivation high

Revision is broken up by meal times…so you have a LOT more meal times

As exams get closer, the stress begins to set in

Opening the exam paper…

Spending 80% of your time on the first question because that’s all you revised

Hearing everyone talk about the answers after the exam

That one friend who says they’ll be gutted if they get a 2:1

That last exam feeling

Leaving the Great Hall, ready for summer

Getting ready to do it all again next year…

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