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Why I’m Obsessed With S’Well Water Bottles, And Why You Should Be Too

There is nothing like the taste of cold, crisp water. I’ve been a shameless plug for the importance of drinking water for quite some time now. It not only makes your skin soft and face glow, but it also is good for your overall health. I owe this passion for drinking water to my beloved S’Well water bottle. Forget Hydroflasks and Gatorade water bottles, S’Well is where it’s at! Let’s break it down, shall we?

First and foremost, there are endless designs and patterns to choose from on the S’Well website. From solid colors to floral prints, the possibilities are endless. I have the Calacatta Gold Bottle, and I love it. It has a unique design with a glossy finish. I can’t go anywhere without it!

Next, you can choose the size of the bottle. Go with whatever suits your lifestyle, and maybe even buy a few sizes to have some choices. There are 3 sizes: 9 ounces, 17 ounces, and 25 ounces. I have the 17 ounce bottle, and it fits great in the side pocket of my backpack. 

The best part about these bottles is that they are stainless steel, so they keep your drink hot or cold for hours. On the S’Well website, they give hour breakdowns for all of the sizes. For example, the 17 ounce bottle keeps its contents hot for 18 hours and cold for 41 hours. Let me tell you—my water bottle has sat in a hot car for hours and my drink has stayed so darn cold! 

In addition to maintaining drink temperature,  the bottles are also easy to clean. However, they are not dishwasher safe, so you must wash it by hand, but some hot water and soap will do the trick. The stainless steel cleans up well and every time I wash my bottle, it always looks as good as new. 

Lastly, these bottles are BPA and BPS free, and most importantly REUSABLE!!! So long sweaty plastic water bottles!! I love filling up my S’Well and knowing that I am doing right by the environment by not purchasing or using plastic water bottles of any kind. 

Ok, I think I’ve made it clear by now that I love S’Well water bottles. They last a long time and are definitely worth the investment. Now go drink some water and place that online order!


Rebecca Kane

Lafayette '23

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