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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lafayette chapter.

This summer I had a “Hot Girl Summer”, but not in the conventional way that was published in every influencer’s stories or posts. I worked twelve-hour days, worked out constantly, and spent time with my family. I did not drink anything else besides water, I cut out dairy, and I attempted to not snack constantly. This does not seem like the Hot Girl Summer that everyone else had—going out, dating, or getting a tan on the beach. 

Hot Girl Summer 2019 is about being confident, having fun and looking good while doing it. I loved my internship in New York City at a Women’s Health Startup called Kindbody that makes fertility treatments more financially accessible while treating women with the care they deserve. I learned more than I thought I would in eight weeks from some of the smartest and kindest women who guided me through the work. I would never have had a clue how to do it on my own. I drank more than two liters of water every single day, in an attempt to stay hydrated in the insane heat. I took HIIT, spin, and barre classes constantly, to balance out the takeout I ate. I watched three new TV shows, something I never make time for during the school year. So, my Hot Girl Summer was not on the coast of California dating someone who looks like they were on The Bachelorette; my Hot Girl Summer was learning, working hard, and taking care of myself. 

The whole point of you reading this is to say, your version of a Hot Girl Summer, or a confident school year, is how you choose to define it. Whatever class, clubs, or other activities that make you happy will be what makes you enjoy your required work. Finding your passion on campus can be hard, but there will always be a club, volunteer program, or class waiting for you to find it. I was lucky and found my enjoyment this summer through my internship, but I also know that I can find it in my art classes too if I let myself fully embrace it!

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