What to do Over Finals Week When You’re Not Studying

While finals season is an incredibly stressful time that requires you to buckle down and study, you will still have a lot of extra time on your hands. Without classes structuring your day, you can only look at textbooks and flashcards for so long! Here are a couple ideas of what to do when you need a break or just want to procrastinate studying for that very last exam.


  1. Explore the neighborhood

Contrary to popular belief, College Hill is ginormous and has parks, elementary schools, and huge mansions to admire. Taking a walk in the neighborhood is a great way to clear your head and decompressing. Walking is a healthy way to get your blood flowing, especially during a time where you’re spending a lot of time at a desk. Grab a friend and turn it into a fun adventure!  

  1. Grab a meal downtown

Tired of the food on campus? Or munching on snacks while you spend all day at the library? Treat yourself to a meal downtown that is guaranteed to satisfy! If you’re in the mood for a brunch option, the Quadrant Book Mart and Coffee House is a quaint cafe that is surrounded by thousands of books with out of this world french toast. If you’re looking for an upscale breakfast, Billy’s Downtown Diner opened in Easton in November. They offer a modern American cuisine which puts a flavorful spin on classic dishes! Other fun dining spots are Mesa and the Easton Public Market because they both offer a variety of dishes. So you can eat your stress away!

  1. Online shop for Holiday Presents

Having your computer at your side 24/7 serves additional purposes besides being able to study at any given moment. Use your study breaks to browse the web for the best deals. Looking on pinterest or buzzfeed is a great resource for when you’re drawing a blank on what to buy someone!

  1. Pack

Packing is definitely something you do not want to procrastinate on. As soon as your exams are over, you are going to want to be home as soon as possible. Packing little by little is a good break and will de-stress the whole process. When time is of the essence, it's helpful to start setting aside things you definitely won't use first, and then picking out the things you want to take home.

  1. Spend time with friends

While this sounds cheesy, make sure you spend some time with your friends besides just sitting together in a study room. Friends have the ability to lift your spirits when you’re feeling low and relieve the pressure of upcoming exams. Additionally, this week may be your last time to see your friends for six weeks, so make the most of it. Doing something as simple as grabbing Marquis together or sitting in your dorm hanging will have more of a positive impact than you can imagine.


I hope these ideas help you stay sane and relaxed during finals week. Remember that while you only have one more week of academic commitments, you also have only one more week with friends, classmates, and professors. Best of luck to everyone!