Podcasts for Gals on the Go!

It's the truth, our parents have given podcasts a bad rep. But podcasts aren’t all serious and no fun and games. In fact, plenty of your favorite social media influencers have probably already started their own about their young adult life. In college, you often have to adopt the “gal on the go” mentality. You grab lunch, coffee, and return to the daily grind. No time for chit chat or doubting yourself, these podcasts are here to inspire you to get into that zone.


  1. “Gals On The Go”

If you’ve heard of the popularized “lifestyle” channels on YouTube, then you probably know that Danielle Marie Carolan has been all the buzz after recently hitting half a million subscribers. Danielle and her fellow YouTuber bestie, Brooke Miccio, are your very own motivational speakers, and they’re in the same boat as they tackle college life at UGA. They’ve grown up on YouTube together and started up their joint Podcast channel this summer on Spotify and Apple Music. Each podcast they share their “highs and lows” of the week and then dive into their “girl boss” related topic of the day. Each week they share their messages on self-care, body image, dating and more.


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2. “Thick & Thin”

Katy Bellotte spills all the beans on the truth behind a millennial girl lifestyle in New York City. Every time you listen in, it feels just like you’re sitting at another brunch with your older sister. She plays devil's advocate as she reveals the pros and cons of hook-up culture, ghosting, and other millennial struggles. She says what we’re all thinking but don’t want to admit to ourselves-- whether it’s about social media stalking or people-pleasing. Listen to Katy’s podcasts or follow her blog if you want to hear about how to deal with the trials and tribulations of our “swiping culture” society while living in the Big Apple.


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3. “Small Doses”

Amanda Seales never fails to spit the truth during her “Small Doses” podcast episodes. She makes you realize there’s more to college than “just getting that piece of paper for your degree” but also recognizing the social issues and societal norms that affect your everyday life. You only change throughout your adolescence and early adulthood as much as you allow yourself to change; if not, you enter and leave college the same exact person, the ultimate fear. She helps you come to terms with the bitter truth of young adult struggles and the intersectional factors involved. Seales reveals the “side effects of” almost any topic while reassuring your sanity throughout those hectic days in college. She reminds you life is messy, but you got this.

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4. VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash

If you’re down to get caught laughing to yourself while walking to class, this podcast is for you. David Dobrik could transform nearly any bland story into a hilarious narrative. Oh, he also has over 9 million YouTube subscribers--I mean weird flex, but okay? He’s the ultimate people person and will keep you entertained with bizarre stories on his daily LA life during each episode.

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5. The Friend Zone

The group dynamic between Fran, Dustin, and Assante is iconic, to say the least, and their collective humor is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. They are a great group of friends who are in tune with their emotions and constantly encourage compassion over anger. They hit on topics such as mental health, spirituality, and self-improvement. If you’re having a bad day, this podcast can serve as your own personal therapy and help you understand it’s okay not to be okay.


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As we all know, the independence in college can sometimes get to your head and leave you feeling isolated or burnt out. Don’t fret, these podcasts will help you get out of your funk. Put in those headphones, listen to these new podcasts, and let’s get this bread ladies!