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Nine Springtime Activities for Workout Junkies

As soon as the birds start chirping and the sun starts to kiss my pasty, winter skin, I know it’s time to get active. It’s time to take advantage of the great weather and get a great workout. Here are my favorite physical activities for the springtime. I mean, who wants to be in a musky gym instead of the outdoors?


It’s Leg Day, Take a Hike!

One of my favorite things to do when the weather warms up is to go on a fun hike! A hike can consist of you climbing up a mountain or taking a stroll through a nature path. The point is to go outside and be active. If the weather is blessing us, then why stay indoors?


Anywhere you live, you can find some hiking sport, lake area or nature park where you can spend a lovely saturday morning strolling through the woods.


Bring friends, take pictures and make the hike even more bomb diggity awesome sauce!

Here is a lovely picture of me enjoying a hike.


Fun fact for my friends who are fearful of ticks: during the springtime, ticks are not as active and most of them are very small (babies) and can’t feed. Take a chance and hike without fear!


Time for everyone’s favorite cardio activity: Jogging!

Okay, maybe not everybody likes to go on  run, some of us prefer the elliptical or rowing. However, there is absolutely no doubt that the springtime is the best time to go on a jog. The breeze is cool, the weather is perfectly warm and the sun is pumping you up for a good run. Lafayette College campus is a great place to run. The waterfront in Downtown Easton is also a good area!



Go Kayaking

Kayaking takes a lot of leg and upper body strength. If you are looking for an all body workout and something fun to do, then this is the right activity for you. Twins River Tubing is a great place not too far from campus for kayaking. Take an uber or get your friends to drive you for a fun water adventure (without getting soaked…I hope).

I took this picture in mid-April of 2018 while kayaking on the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The view was perfect and so was the spring weather.


Play a Sport

Any outdoor sport will do: Volleyball, softball, basketball…you get the jist. Just be safe!


This is my friend Andrew. He isn’t good at volleyball, but he sure tries to be active in the spring. Lafayette has tennis courts available, basketball courts, a massive football field and the ever loved quad in front of pardee and farinon to enjoy some outdoor fun.


Go Horseback Riding

Probably one of the most amazing activities. Of course, if you’ve never done it before be sure to take precautions. Try it with someone who knows their stuff and can support you if needed. Safety first! Check out Haycock Riding Stables for meeting a new friendly galloping buddy! It’s the coolest place that’s only a 15 minute drive away from lafayette College.



Go Tree Climbing

Yeah, I’m a tree climbing expert. It’s a great activity and physically challenging. It’s fun to do both at night and in the daylight. Just be sure to be safe and take the right precautions. Climb all the trees on campus, you’ll be known as the Lafayette College lemur. Of course, you’re gonna have to challenge me for the title.


Here I am at Harvard University Forest, doing my tree climbing thing in late May.


Do Farm Work

I love farms, I love farm animals, and all the fun that one can have out in the beautiful spring weather. You can milk cows, collect chicken eggs, build a barn, trim trees or plant a vegetable garden. The possibilities are ENDLESS. Also, Lafayette College has a cool farm not too far from campus; visit LaFarm, volunteer hours are from 4PM to 6PM on weekdays!

Here I am with my favorite hen, her name is boots with the fur cause she has chicken feathers on her feet. And to the right we have my girl Bessie the Cow.


Visit a Farmer’s Market

Take time to go out and eat some healthy, locally grown foods. Physical activity is great, but maintaining a healthy diet and supporting local farmers is pretty great too. Downtown Easton always has neat events going on. Always check the Downtown area for a Saturday and Sunday farmer’s market or other events.



Take your workout outside

Take workout equipment outside! Bring your yoga matt, or find an outdoor park with workout equipment (yes, these exist). Anywhere that isn’t inside works, have fun being physically fit!


This is my friend Kate, showing us how a pushup is properly done…in the spring…outdoors.


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