Healthy Snack Substitutes that Aren’t Restricting

We can all agree: when we have choices for snacks, we go for the salty and sugary foods. There is no problem with that, until your gut isn’t too happy with you later. Processed foods, high in sodium, sugar, fat, and low in essential nutrients, have short term and long term negative effects on our bodies. So, when cravings come, here are some healthy substitutes where you don’t need to compromise on taste and you won’t feel like you are restricting yourself.


Eat This...

...Instead of That

Air-popped popcorn

Potato Chips

Flatbread with Hummus

French Fries

Dark Chocolate Piece

Candy Bar

Sorbet, Sherbert, Frozen Yogurt

Ice Cream

Protein Bar

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Fruit Smoothie

A slice of cake or cupcake

Sparkling Water

Soft Drinks

Juice Plus Capsules/Products

Caffeine and Processed Foods

A handful of Pistachio Nuts

Buttery Popcorn

Chicken and Rice

Slice of Pizza


It’s easier than it all seems, it just requires commitment. We all love those sugary foods that are high in fat and highly processed. However, when it comes to our bodies, we need to provide our body with the right nutrients and the right foods so that we can prosper and be our healthiest selves. In the long run too, eating right has more benefits than just making you feel good.