DIYs You Never Knew About

Have dry skin? Are your pimples red and angry? Well, luckily there are fixes for those. And you would not believe how.


So many companies are releasing new face washes infused with essential oils, face masks proven to remove all acne, and so much more; but, you don’t have to buy any of it! Why not make these products yourself at home?


Face Mask: Two simple ingredients, lemon juice and baking soda mixed to form a paste that can remove all blackheads and soften your skin. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes, then wash with a warm washcloth, and bam; beautiful, soft skin!


Vitamin E Oil: Basically the best thing you could apply to your skin… Vitamin E Oil benefits the skin in multiple ways including:

    -Aids in the removal of “bags” under the eyes

    -Promotes healing of scabs and scars (for the entire body, not only the face)

    -Promotes natural hair growth (eyebrows, eyelashes)


Nail Growth: Mix lemon juice and canola oil and heat in the microwave for 15 seconds Dip your nails in for 15 minutes to build your nail strength and growth.


Coconut oil: What can’t this be used for?! From brownies to moisturizer, this is a must have in your pantry and bathroom. You can use it as a general body moisturizer by taking a little in your hands, rub it to warm and make it melty, then lather it on. A little goes a long way when it’s all melty!

And if the brownies sounded delicious, well, they are. Here’s the recipe!


Peppermint oil: You can buy this in an essential oil form or just plain peppermint oil. If you have combination skin (like me), put a little on a Q-tip and rub it in to oily areas on your skin before going to bed. It dries the dirty oils and gives your skin a refreshing sting!

Also, if you find yourself under the weather with a sniffle, put a little bit of this under your nose before going to bed and it will clear your sinuses right away.