The One DIY Face Mask that Removes ALL Blackheads??

There are so many face masks on the market that prove to be refreshing and essential to your skin’s health. But how many of these masks actually work? Are they even worth spending the money?


Well there is no need to worry when you can make your own face mask using two ingredients that both genuinely benefit your skin’s health! Baking soda and lemon juice, while great for cooking, are also seriously beneficial for your skin! Baking soda works to scrub the skin and clear pores of any dirt, while the lemon juice works to soften the skin and remove oil.


Not only is it great that this mask only involves two ingredients, but neither of these ingredients are impossible to pronounce like most chemicals in face masks that claim to work wonders on your skin. Since this mask is also only made of two ingredients, it is safe to use on all skin types, sensitive, oily, acne-prone, you name it; the mask is meant to reduce redness, remove dirt and clear out blackheads while removing oil, and leave your skin feeling fresh and super soft. Baking soda is used in countless ways to benefit the skin and one’s overall health and wellness,  so you can rest assured in its safety and effectiveness. And the same goes for lemon juice. So let’s give it a try:


Face Mask Ingredients and DIY

-Mix one part lemon juice and two parts baking soda to form a paste

    -Optional: add essential oils for a refreshing smell

-Gently rub over face

-Let sit for 15 minutes

-Wash off with damp washcloth


Since both baking soda and lemon juice can be bought in bulk, you can make as little or as much as you want, over and over, without spending too much money each time wondering if the face mask is even working. While being easy to make, and a quick process, this face mask is essential for college students when your schedule gets crazy.


Try it out, #treatyoself to a spa night with friends, and trust me, you will never turn back!