Tips and Tricks to Pass Your Midterms!

Midterm season is here, and here are some tips and tricks that will help you succeed!!  

Let's begin with the most important tip of all, GIVE YOURSELF TIME. Cramming at the last minute makes it easier to forget and only causes more stress, so it's best to study ahead of time. 

  Studying Tips:

  • Add color to your notes!! (Highlight important things to remember so it can catch your eye while studying.)
  • Don't get too comfy. (Dress comfortably, but try not to work in bed.)
  • Keep snacks and drinks close by. (Having these at hand prevents you from getting distracted on the way to the kitchen and saves time.)
  • Avoid using your phone!! (Turn your phone off, or download an app that motivates you to stay focused and off your phone by tracking each time you exit your phone.)
  • Make a list. (List everything you need to get done in order of importance and cross them off as you complete them.)



Tricks to Keep You Sane:

  • TAKE BREAKS. (You can only handle so much information at once, so it is important to rest for timed periods.)
  • Work in a clean space. (It can be really hard to focus in a messy room, so tidy up before you start working.)
  • Play calming music. (Preferably music without lyrics, to keep you from singing along.)
  • Study with friends! (Study with people that can help you, not distract you.)


Studying for big exams can be stressful, but pacing yourself and working hard can lead to great results!  Good luck on those midterms!