Mulan The Intern: Fashion PR Agency

When I tell people I'm a fashion PR intern, they immediately assume that my experience is similar to what they see on TV: running around carrying clothes and coffee, assisting at photoshoots or dealing with crazy bosses. I've been interning at Berri Goldfarb Public Relations for about a month now, and it's definitely not like that. Let me give you a look into a normal day in the life!

First, I "walk the floor" and straighten up the clothes on display. We showcase pieces from our clients in a room that takes up more than half of our office! Our clients are high-end brands from all over the world, from Italian leather to French jewelry. I make sure everything looks nice for the celebrity stylists that come into our showroom to borrow pieces for photoshoots or events. When celebrity stylists would visit, I would help out in recording which pieces they've borrowed in an invoice. I would also record returns and put back the pieces that were borrowed into the showroom.

Meet Lexi and Neeka, my supervisors! I usually come to them after fixing the showroom and ask if they need assistance in anything. They're super chill and are always ready to answer whatever industry related questions I ask! They also know the best healthy food places nearby, and ordering lunch is always an adventure.

This is our blogger room, where our influencers come in and pick whichever pieces they want to take! This is one way of maintaining our relationships with the influencers on our list, and keeping our brands relevant in the influencer world. When an influencer would arrive and choose their gifts, I would sometimes help with recording which pieces they've chosen and typing it into our database.

And speaking of maintaining relationships, a huge part of my daily schedule involves gifting! The PR team is in charge of gifting clothes from our brands to celebrities and influencers they believe are very likely to wear them. I and the other interns provide support by wrapping the pieces in tissue paper and writing cards to whomever we send the gift to, and then we pack it in a UPS box and stick a label on it. We end up sending from as little as five packages to as many as fifty in one day!

We interns have a room in the back where we do the giftings and any computer work our supervisors give us. So far, I've helped with writing pitches, updating press and client lists, and researching fashion trends and influencers. I've learned of the big names in celebrity styling, fashion journalists, and influencers while doing these tasks, and I developed a writing style for the fashion industry as well.

Though it was an unpaid internship with a very long commute, I believe the experience is worth it. I've only been here for a short time, but I've learned so much about the fashion world! Everything really depends on influencers and celebrities as a means of sharing brands to their audiences. I've learned that I enjoy the entertainment business more, as my tasks varied from time to time. 

If you have any internship or career related questions, feel free to send me a message on Instagram: @mulannovilla.

Stay tuned for another article from Mulan the Intern!