Why I Bother Tracking my Fitness

I’ve recently begun taking my Apple Watch TM Activity Tracker very seriously, even though as a student-athlete, I workout nearly every day of the week. So what’s the point? Let me tell you how seeing my active calories, my exercise, and my hours stood makes me feel day to day.

  1. Seeing my active calories burned makes me work harder at practices and meets. The more calories I see I’m burning, the more motivated I am to keep going and see how high that number can get. It’s influenced me to get better warm-ups in before competition and finish my practice workouts the best I can.
  2. Closing my exercise ring drives me to do more active recovery on my days off. Being a part of the track team means I have one “day off” in the week, but this isn’t so I can sit around and do nothing, I need to do active recovery things, like yoga, or a long run. It’s easy to not finish these types of workouts, because they’re on-your-own. But having the activity tracker reminds me to complete them, even though I’m not with my coach or even other team members.
  3. The Stand Ring reminds me not to be so LAZY. It’s so easy for me to lay down after I’m finished class and practice or settle into a chair and do homework. But with my watch reminding me to stand, I remember how long I’ve been sitting for, and that I need to get up and stretch my legs.

My watch isn’t the only kind of fitness tracker on the market, finding the right one for you might be the kind of everyday motivation you need to reach your goals!