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THANKSGIVING IS ALMOST HERE, LET’S GET THIS- uh, gluten free, whole wheat, low calorie & cholesterol- BREAD

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I don’t know about you, but this has been my mood since November 1st:


Credit: Courtesy/YouTube.com


After we deal with the typical, “Oh my god, have you gotten taller? Have you decided on a major? Do you have a boyfriend yet? Tell me EVERYTHING SINGLE DETAIL ABOUT YOUR LIFE”, questions from your extended family you only see three times a year for these kinds of holidays, we can look forward to stuffing our face with food.


That being said, here are essential Thanksgiving recipes with a healthy spin on them, so you won’t gain 50 pounds this holiday season!


1. Gobble down on this herb-roasted turkey

According to Eatingwell.com, this herb-roasted turkey recipe is dairy-free, gluten-free, diabetic appropriate, low calorie, and delicious!


Credit: Courtesy/eatingwell.com


2. Can the canned cranberries

This yummy cranberry dish is filled with REAL chunks of fruit rather than canned processed cranberry sauce.


Credit: Courtesy/wellnessmama.com


3. Wait, vegetables can actually taste good?

Of course every meal needs its greens- this savory dish of gingered green beans will make you actually want to eat your vegetables!


Credit: Courtesy/foodandwine.com


4. Mix & MASH up your potatoes this year

You may think to yourself, how could mashed potatoes end up being healthy? Well according to Newsweek, there is a way to make lighter and healthier mashed potatoes, while savoring the taste!


Credit: Courtesy/newsweek.com


5. Stuff your face with heart healthy stuffing

The amazing thing about stuffing is that you can mix whatever you want into it. Check out this appetizing stuffing dish.


Credit: Courtesy/eatingwell.com


6. A Wholesome Twist on a Traditional Thanksgiving Dessert

Everyone loves pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dessert; what better way to get your yearly taste of pumpkin pie without the unnecessary calories.


Credit: Courtesy/eatingwell.com


Lizzie Nadolski

La Salle '21

Lizzie is a student athlete Marketing Major and Communication Minor, with concentrations in Public Relations at La Salle University. Along with being a member of the Division I water polo team, she contributes as a member of the Association of Women in Sports Organization, as well as belonging to the Student Athlete Advisory Committee on La Salle's campus. In her career future, she hopes to work with a Marketing or Public Relations team for an established entertainment company with a focus on digital and social media.
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