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Let’s Explore La Salle’s Neighborhood Nursing Center.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at La Salle chapter.

Philadelphia, PA- The La Salle Neighborhood Nursing Center (LSNNC) is holding an Open House on November 13th for the faculty of La Salle University! This is an opportunity to learn more about who The Center serves and learn about partnerships between schools and the LSNNC.

This event will take place from 11-2, while La Salle University faculty can come and tour The Center to understand what LSNNC’s mission is.

“The community thinks that the nursing center is for the students, and the students think that LSNNC is for the students as well,”

Laurie Colborn, the clinic coordinator, has said about the confusion of the Nursing Center.

Although the LSNNC serves the community, it is still a part of the University. This creates a lot of confusion for not only the residents around La Salle but the students as well. This event will help transform the faculty’s awareness about services the center provides and who they provide them too. The Open House will give the LSNNC and the faculty a chance to partner and mutually benefit majors as well as the Nursing Center.

La Salle Neighborhood Nursing Center has been around since 1992 and serves the community around the LaSalle neighborhood. Located at the corner of Chew and Wister, the center provides many free wellness services to the public, like blood pressure and sugar screenings, BMI checks and foot care. The center also functions as a diaper bank which provides diapers for young parents who cannot afford an extensive amount of diapers. The two nurses at LSNNC, Laurie and Mary, offer education to the community on a variety of topics ranging from diabetes awareness to chair yoga and stress management. 

This event is rain or shine… to learn more visit La Salle Neighborhood Nursing Center on Facebook and Twitter.

About La Salle Neighborhood Nursing Center

The La Salle Neighborhood Nursing Center (LSNNC) is a community-based, nurse-managed preventive health and wellness center. The LSNNC, a grant-funded clinic, provides public health nursing and social services to adult community members who live or work within the Northwest section of Philadelphia.


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