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I Am A Total Advocate for Therapy in the African-American Community And Here’s Why

When it comes to therapy in the African-American community it is seen as taboo; something that is for the “other” and not us. Possibly, it is because you are talking about your personal business to a complete stranger or because you are discussing personal things outside of your household and this is a major no, no. Therapy is also heavily associated with mental illnesses which is something that the African-American community is still coming to terms with in regards to it affecting us and not always the “other”. As someone who has regularly been going to therapy for going on four years, I think it is 100% necessary for your well-being. A lot of the times we talk to our friends and family members about the situations that are happening in our lives and while it is nice to have support and insight from the people that know and love you, it can be tricky.

While they do have your best interest at heart their judgment could be biased because of who you are in relation to them. If it is a friend they may not want to call you out on your wrong-doings, totally understandable but, it does not benefit you. Therapy offers you productive advice and solutions from someone with clear eyes and unbiased. You do not need to only go to therapy if you are struggling with a mental illness. You can receive it for stress with school or your job, how to handle your relationships: platonic or romantic, adjusting to a move or a new place, etc.

Whatever the case may be, you can go for reasons unrelated to mental illness. It can serve as a wellness tool and help you tackle everyday challenges that you face in life.

Whatever the case may be for your reasons for going or not going, therapy should be a normalized tool within our community. It does not have to be for you, but it should be respected and encouraged for those who do go or want to go.


Tyller Moorer

La Salle '20

Tyller is a graduate student-athlete Communication: Journalism major and English minor from New Jersey. She has a passion for writing and enjoys seeing her writing touch other people.
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