"Bars" That Don't Card

If you’re looking for a truly terrifying Halloween costume for this year, try going as the Freshman 15, the dreaded phenomenon that has practically stepped into the role of grim reaper for first-year collegiettes.  They’ve been warned by their mothers, aunts, older cousins, and they are determined not to eat so much as glance at the bagels in the dining hall.  While hopefully most of us know the importance of balance and that a breakfast pastry here and there won’t kill us, gaining weight is a legitimate side effect of a change as significant as moving away to college.

Keeping those distressing fifteen pounds off is almost as ever-present in the minds of new students as the plans for the upcoming weekend, or in other words, where to go that freshmen will be let in.  I did some digging and found a few “bars” that don’t card and will keep you feeling healthy and energized to take on anything, from your 8 AM class to sorority rush week.  Don’t worry, freshmen, you don’t need a fake ID to stay fit – just your La Salle ID!


The Salad Bar

Whether you choose to enjoy the luxury of B & G or make the trek down to South campus for Treetops, shockingly, fresh options are not always abundant.  Thankfully, the salad bar is a healthy choice that is always at your fingertips.  Fresh vegetables and the choice of romaine, spinach, or spring mix allow variety, and a pro tip is to add chicken from the grill for extra protein!  A special salad is often featured at one of the stations as well, which could be anything from strawberry poppyseed to classic Caesar.

If you hate salads or are merely sick of “rabbit food” for another meal, try a delicious wrap loaded with veggies from Greens to Go in the Union.  Vegetables are high in fiber and low in fat and calories, so they are a great way to keep you from feeling hungry while filling your body with energizing vitamins that strengthen your immune system.


The Juice Bar

Try to steer clear of the sugary juices at the dining halls, and instead, consume more nutrients by grabbing a smoothie from Smoothie Spot in the Union or Saxby’s in Founders Hall.  Another option is to take advantage of ingredients like fresh-cut fruit, yogurt, peanut butter, Nutella, seeds, and more in the dining halls to hone your acai bowl skills.  Strengthen your #aesthetic and get your antioxidants all at once.

Fruit is typically high in Vitamin C, which is invaluable to collegiettes living in dorms where once one person gets sick, everyone gets sick.  Typically, fruits are hydrating and rich in natural sugars, making them great dessert alternatives or snacks anytime of the day.  Hydration is key to maintaining a healthy weight and many times when people feel hungry they are simply dehydrated, so swap soda or other drinks for water as often as possible.


Barre Class

Unfortunately, we don’t have barre class here at La Salle (yet!)  But barre draws on elements of yoga and Zumba, both fitness classes that are free to students and available twice a week.  Yoga classes are Mondays 6:00-7:15 PM and Thursdays 6:30-7:45 PM, while Zumba classes are Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 PM and Thursdays 5:30-6:30 PM, all in the Union Ballroom.  Mats are provided for yoga and fun playlists provide a background for both workouts, so take some time for yourself and come see the amazing instructors this week.

Consider treating yourself to some of the unique fitness opportunities in nearby center city, including studios like CorePower Yoga, Orangetheory Fitness, where your first classes are free, or Flywheel cycling studio, where your first class is only $15.  Or simply use workout apps like Sworkit, or Kayla Itsines’ Sweat wherever you are.  No matter how you do it, switching up your workout from the usual trip to the gym to something more enjoyable reminds you that exercising isn’t a chore.


Somewhere during your healthy bar crawl, start to shift your focus away from the fear of gaining weight and towards all the wonderful ways you can stay healthy and fit throughout your years at La Salle!