Something For You

 Affirmations To Take In

* Take Time To Think- This can really be beneficial for thinking about the long-term goals versus the right now. Thinking like this can save you from hooking up with Jared from Phi Sig, only to realize it wasn’t what you wanted or needed in the end. Let’s just say I’ve been there. Even with jobs, think about the career you're choosing, and what path can give you the greatest success for that. Think about what jobs are going to make you the most financially stable, but at the same time give yourself  joy to go to everyday. Thinking can be so beneficial and cut out the unnecessary malarky and drama in your life.

*Try  Not To Overthink- I know you may be like me, and before I just said start thinking, which I in fact did. Point being there is a line that I need to warn you not to cross. If you’re like me and overthink about literally everything, I get it. When I’m feeling this way I then get up, take a minute and walk around or take a long walk and listen to music. This helps me get out of my head by focusing on lyrics in the song versus all things that I have to analyze in my life. I try to even just hangout with a friend and talk out what I’m overthinking and they usually get me out of the overanalyzing I do in my head. So yes, please think about your goals and life decisions that can impact your future, but don’t listen to the other voices in your head that let you doubt yourself. Sometimes adventure is just what you need to forget about all the things on your to-do list.

*Experience- One of the key things that I learned coming into college is that the real way of learning is by doing. You can only learn what your favorite flavor of ice cream is by testing the flavors, the same applies to life. You truly only do live once, so if you want to see the sunrise do it. If you wanna dance in the rain, do it. Only you can hold yourself back. College is all about ups and downs and trials and tribulations. The key is realizing this is also a part of your degree and learning about yourself. So try to not let bad experiences hold you back from trying new ones, just let them be a part of your personal process.

*Don’t Forget You- This is probably the most important piece of advice. I really think in the end it’s true, you will always have you. At the end of the day friends, relationships, they all can come and go, but you will have you no matter what day it is. Learn to respect yourself and treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. If this means taking a class you're intrigued by, or watching a new show on Netflix, learning how to crochet, or even just journaling, do whatever it is you want to do. Remember that your needs, wants, desires, and passions are just as important as someone else’s, so don’t let someone else control you. At the end of the day finding out who you are and what you want is the top priority.