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Ski Your Way to a Better Winter

Based on no scientific backing I would say 90% of people complain about the winter months. However, there is that remaining 10% of people who actually smile when they see snow on the radar. I would say that I’m a part of that 10%. Shoveling my driveway, brushing snow off of my car, and in general unsafe driving conditions really don’t affect my love for winter.

The biggest contributor to my love of winter is the fact that I don’t stop doing activity just because of the cold. Skiing is my saving grace during these months. I’ve been skiing since I could remember. My parents started skiing in their 20’s and then when my brother and I came along they got us on the mountain as soon as they could. Some of my fondest memories are skiing with my fam.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the summer and being warm and not looking sickly but winter sports really make the season what it is. It gives you something to look forward to. It gets you outside to enjoy nature.

An average day of skiing consist of waking up early to hit the fresh powder (snow) and making sure you get there before the crowds. Getting dressed takes at least 15 minutes (even though you inevitably get over heated while waiting for your slow friends) and then you hit the slopes. Your skill level will ultimately decide what trail you take but always keep an open mind, it’s a chance to see what you’re capable of. Then after so many hours, get some food and defrost back at the lodge. Stay there for like 2 hours. Then get outside again. By the end of the day your dogs (feet) will be killing you. Take off the boots and feel the euphoria of your feet finally hitting fresh air and not being confined in a plastic boot.

Overall, skiing can make a person happier, healthier, more confidant, and all around a winter lover. It’s a great sport that anyone can start. It might take some time to get where you feel comfortable on the hill but then you can challenge yourself.  Just remember always wear a helmet, safety is cool.

I didn’t mean to exclude snowboarding, that’s cool too I guess.

My name is Kaylee Spector and I'm a senior at Kutztown University. I have a passion for reading and writing. As a writer for HerCampus I am able to be a part of keeping up with the current affairs of a college woman. I love traveling, eating and talking most of which I will be writing about. I am a Communications major with a minor in writing, pr, and digital media. All of which I find will help me with my content.
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