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As I was in the middle of my daily shower routine, I took a look at my wall of products and realized I have an abundance of products that I can’t live without. Because of the magical healing and smoothness these products have given me, I decided to share them all with everyone else in hopes you’ll also find your perfect remedy. 

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrubs

These sugar scrubs are my number one shower necessity. I usually get them from Target or Ulta. Right now, I have about three of them in my shower but the Tahitian Vanilla scent is by far the best yet. Sugar scrubs are a form of body exfoliant and are said to produce better circulation when rubbed onto the skin’s surface. Not only do they scrub all of that gross dead skin away but they also make your skin extremely soft and leave it smelling amazing. 

J. R Watkins Aromatherapy Shower Mist

I got this bottle of shower mist from Ulta, and I have loved every second of it in the shower! I started with a scent that will wake me up in the morning, but they have a ton of others, including calming scents and energizing scents as well. The purpose of this mist is to ‘transform your shower into a spa-like atmosphere,” which is exactly what it does.

CBD Anti-Blemish Jelly

I found this wash when I was looking for bacne remedies for the shower and my knowledge of anti-blemish body washes led me to the Ulta online store. The brand, Truly, is a popular one that associates a lot of its products with the use of CBD. I have also used their acne spot treatments in the past, which I highly recommend.

The Earthling Co. Body Soap

I have only been using this brand for about two months, but I am already a lifetime user. I have finally rounded up enough money to spend some on their beloved body wash, and I am in love. I purchased the calendula soap bar and so far love the way it smells. Apparently, the scent only appeals to certain people, so I recommend smelling the scent before purchasing it.

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