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Helpful Teas for Women and Everyday Life

  • Rooibos 
    • This tea has been consumed in Southern Africa for many, many years and is currently gaining attention for its health benefits and amazing taste. According to Healthline, many experts claim that Rooibos tea can help someone protect themselves from harmful diseases such as cancer, heart disease and stroke because of its large number of antioxidants. Personally I like to drink Rooibos in the afternoon because it doesn’t contain any caffeine, also because of its smooth flavor of vanilla and herbs. 
  • Raspberry leaf tea 
    • According to Healthline, raspberry leaf tea is referred to as the ‘women’s herb’ for its helpfulness in women’s health due to its large impact of vitamins and minerals in the body. There are a large amount of vitamins B and C  within raspberry leaves. Healthline also states that this tea can help women with PMS issues such as cramps and nausea, which is awesome! If you’re looking for a natural remedy, then this tea could be just for you. 
  • Green tea 
    • Green tea is awesome simply because it’s a wonderful substitute for coffee and only has about half the amount of caffeine, which is a lot better for you and your body’s health! This tea helps with brain functions and gives your body many of the nutrients it needs. This tea is also proven to help with hair loss and hair thickening which can be amazing when you’re looking to help out your scalp. Along with these benefits green tea also helps you with weight loss by breaking down calories and burning fat in your body. 
  • Valerian tea 
    • Valerian root tea has been used throughout the ages to help people sleep better and fall asleep faster. The tea itself is a bit smelly so be prepared for that. But, it’s well worth it if you’re struggling to get a sufficient amount of sleep because this stuff really works! Not only does this tea help with promoting better sleep but it also helps with reducing anxiety, which can be very helpful for people who have it. Aside from anxiety and sleep help, the tea can also help with PMS, just like raspberry leaf tea!