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Your Mid-Finals Crisis: As Told by Tumblr

Because I am currently avoiding writing two papers and studying for my own finals, I took a Tumblr break to distract myself from the pain that is the end of the semester. Thus, lead to the writing of this article. Because NOBODY gets your finals pain quite like the world of Tumblr. Here are 21 times Tumblr pegged your Mid-Finals crisis all into one hilariously done up post:


1. That time they used this poor unsuspecting dog to represent the innocence of a college freshman enduring their first semester of finals

2. That time they were filled with holiday cheer

3. …and again

4. And one more time

5. When they shared their parents’ words of wisdom.

6. When they were honest about their caffeine addictions

7. When they used the powerful words of Michael Scott.

8. When they were just a little TOO real.

9. When they strolled down memory lane

10. When they pretty much summed up this entire week for college students everywhere


11. When they told nothing but the cold, hard truth

12. When they got excited over the little things

13. When they used T-Swift so..swiftly.

14. When they asked Magic Conch if they would pass their finals..

15. When they realized you actually had to study in college

16. When they groveled

17. When they made this sudden realization

18. When they were at a loss for words

19. When they used Tangled to say what every student has been screaming on the inside since Thanksgiving break

20. When they studied so much material that they literally can’t even function

21. And finally, when they described college so perfectly. Like, so absolutely and without a doubt right on the mark


So with this bit of laughter, I leave you all to your studies! And remember:


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