When All Else Fails, Take A Nap

Have you heard the saying, “A nap a day, keeps the doctor away?” Well, maybe it doesn't go exactly like that. I don't like apples, so I made a little substitution. And I despise going to the doctor, so I’m alllll about that nappin’ life.

Naps are an essential part of college life. From class to work, organizations to projects, tests to events, it can be a draining process. But nothing a good ol’ nap can’t fix.

Most people regret the times they complained about naptime. I firmly believe that is why we are so tired now.  I will admit I am one of those kids who didn’t take advantage of this scheduled sleep. Instead of napping, I flung rocks at the chumps who were. As karma would have it, those chumps are probably the most well-rested souls on this planet.


As an avid napper, I have compiled a list of the four best kinds of naps I've experienced. If you’ve never given these a try, I’d suggest you crawl into your nearest comfortable position and hit the lights. They will change your life.

1. The ‘I Only Have Twenty Minutes Before I Need To Leave’ Nap

I have started to call this one the ‘Drooler.’ Mostly because a 20-minute power nap will knock me out so hard I wake up with my hair plastered to my face, wondering where I am and what day it is. A very attractive image, I know. But these are seriously the best.

2. The ‘I Have So Much Homework To Do I Might As Well Nap’ Nap

These most typically occur during midterms and finals week.  Pretty much whenever taking a nap is the last thing you should do. The duration of said naps are also the longest of all naps, ranging anywhere from 2-5 hours. But hey, we’re in college. We work best under stress and ample rest.


3. The ‘It’s Sunday And There’s Football, Soccer, Baseball, Golf Or Any Other Sport On’ Nap

Sports and naps go hand-in-hand. Regardless of the sport, background noise of fans cheering and announcers boring voices is music to my sweet ears. Hearing that the Masters are on prepares me for the slumber of the year.

4. The ‘It’s Saturday And I Have Nothing To Do So I Will Take A Nap At 10 A.M.’ Nap

Waking up on the weekend just to realize you have nothing to do, is the best time to snooze. And don’t listen to what anyone says. If you woke up already, going back to sleep is a nap. Not sleeping in. These are two completely different types of sleep, and require no explanation.

The moral of the story is: Everyone naps. And it's ok.

So if you have kept your eyes open long enough to finish reading this, go ahead and reward yourself with a nap.  You probably have stacks on stacks of homework to do, but hey, you can do that later.