Places to Visit in LFK

Whether you are new to Lawrence or just looking for something new to do here, read on! Her Campus KU has a comprehensive list of some current Hashinger residents' favorite hang out spots in and around LFK.

Java Break

17 E 7th Street, Lawrence, Kansas

What could be better than a cute little coffee shop? How about a coffee shop that is tailored to a college student's studying needs?

Free wifi, plenty of outlets, extensive seating, a cereal bar, and they are open 24 hours per day. Not to mention their cool "free speech room" where people can take a break from work to go write or draw anywhere they find space. 

Munchers Bakery

925 Iowa Street, Lawrence, Kansas

This little bakery is also open 24 hours every day, and they sell individual desserts. Come here to satisfy all of your odd late-night, sweet tooth cravings, but bring cash! They do not accept any cards. If you forget, never fear; there is an ATM!

The Hookah House

730 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, Kansas

If you are a hookah smoker, this is the hangout spot for you! Hookahs range from about $13-18, and there are different specials on different days of the week. Friday Karaoke night is my personal favorite, if you sing you get money off your hookah. This place has games you can play while you smoke, bubbles (as featured in the lower picture), and drinks you can purchase. Warning: Sheesha in hookahs is a tobacco product and can be harmful to your body. If you choose to smoke, please do so in moderation. 

Stull Cemetery

Across from New Methodist Church located at 251 N. 1600 Rd., Lecompton, Kansas

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This one is not actually in LFK, but it is not too far! If you and your friends are in the mood for something spooky, you can pile in the car and drive out to Stull. The cemetery located here is said to contain one of the seven gates of hell, a staircase, which is now hidden. Many have spent time searching for the stairs, but most give up due to fear before they succeed. Legend says witches used to congregate in the church located on the cemetery. A tree not far from the church was formerly used to hang witches. This tree grew right in the middle of a tombstone and split it in half. The church has been knocked down and the tree was chopped down in 1998, but it is said that a werewolf type creature, the child of Satan and a witch, still haunts the grounds.

 Love Garden

822 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, Kansas

This music shop has a unique vibe. There are tons of CDs for sale, but the real treat here is actually given out for free. Often times, local musicians come here to play their songs for whomever in the store who will listen. If you are interested in finding some new music or finding a new band to fan-girl over, check out Love Garden.

Clinton Lake

798 N 1415 Road, Lawrence, Kansas

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Who doesn't love going out to the lake and going to the beach, having a picnic, or going fishing? Clinton has a beautiful landscape and the possibilities are endless for a day at the lake. Pick a warm day to explore!

Third Planet

846 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, Kansas

Downstairs, Third Planet is a cute store full of knick-knacks, jackets, cool shoes, and the like. In the upstairs portion of the store, however, they sell glass blown pipes, body jewelry, sheesha, and more.

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