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Before Graduating: LFK Bucket List

1. Go for a Swim in the Chi-Omega Fountain At KU, Chi-Omega Fountian is a source for all sorts of interesting activities. Whether its...

5 Songs To Listen To Post-Finals

If you're reading this, you're either done with finals or very ready to be. In either case, it's time to get your playlist synced up to the...

3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

Spring cleaning is something I always dreaded as a kid. It meant going through my whole closet, sorting out things I rarely wore and...

Peppermint & Candy Cane Decor!

Here is sume Cany Canes and Peppermint crafts to swirl up your space for the holidays! Tons of holiday crafts are coming your way for HC KU!

Everyday Makeup

Check out Sydney finishing her everyday look! Like, Subscribe, and Comment!