How To ACTUALLY Finish The Semester Strong

We’re finally in the home stretch, as the semester is drawing to a close. Hooray! Let's face it, though- just because the end is in sight doesn't mean the crawl to the finish line is easy. In fact, the final month of the semester or even the final two weeks can feel like the most difficult of all. There are many ways to keep yourself motivated, but there are a few particularly important things to keep in mind as you get closer and closer to summer freedom.


  • Go to class. Seriously.

I know how tempting it is, especially if you've made it this far without skipping it all. You will want to skip class for the slightest reasons, like because it's raining outside, or because you'll be 30 seconds late and that's embarrassing. Don't fall for it. Go to class.

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  • Have friends hold you accountable.

Trust me, this WORKS. It's easy to blow off your own assigned deadlines, because no one is better at excusing your tardiness/procrastination than…well, you. The motivation from someone else telling you to get things done is ten times more helpful. It can even be as simple as a "did you finish that paper?" text the morning of a deadline. It seems simple, but it makes a world of difference.

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  • Don't neglect sleep.

In the midst of finishing last big-ticket assignments and studying for finals, a lot of late nights are approaching. It may seem easier said than done, but don't give in to the mindset that sleep can take a backseat. Utilize the free time you have during the day as much as you can! Sleep is important, especially during these last few weeks, when you want to be at your absolute best.

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  • Most importantly, don't lose sight of what you're headed towards.

We are SO CLOSE, my friends! It could seem tempting to lose all motivation and give up, but summer is coming so much faster than you think. Push through the final obstacles and the other side will be all that much more worth it.  

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