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Best Hiding Places At KU

There are plenty of reasons you’d want to hide on a College Campus. Breakups, emotional breakdowns, existential crises, avoiding people, avoiding classes, avoiding the general stresses of being a college student. And those are just a few!

    I get it. Sometimes you just want to crawl into a ball so small and tight with your arms wrapped around your legs, even John Cena couldn’t get you out of your cozy fetal position.

    You just want a quiet place for a good long cry.

    That’s why I’ve been doing some research into the best places to hide on campus. I’ve decided to share my knowledge of the nooks and crannies of our great University. You are welcome to use these places if you promise not to come looking for me.




  1. The Watson Library Stacks: This place is for beginners. A great place to study or fall apart. 10/10 would recommend.

  2. In a tree at Potter’s Lake: This is only for the advanced climbers or people who find they just don’t want to be on the ground anymore.

  3. In Anshutz, between the hours of 3am and 4am, 3rd floor bathrooms: Get the times right, or you’ll be caught hiding by one of the many late-night students.

  4. In the Robison Pool Locker Rooms: Because no one knows KU has a Pool. If you decide to use this great spot, be sure you AVOID DURING SWIM TEAM PRACTICE.

  5. Pretend to sleep!: This one isn’t a hiding spot, but it ensures minimal human contact.

  6. Wear camo: You can hide anywhere!

  7. At the Ambler Rec + Fitness Center on a Friday or Saturday Night: The regulars don’t work out on weekend nights. The gym is a virtual world of silence.

  8. Wear crocs, Cargo Jorts, and a trench coat: Trust me, no one will talk to you!! Finally, the privacy you’ve been waiting for!

  9. Under any table, anywhere on campus: Sure, maybe you’ll be visible, but who’s going to approach a person in fetal position under a table. You’re in the clear!

  10. Stay Home: Bed always ensures, privacy, warmth, and happiness. No one will find you there!

I hope you all enjoy these helpful hiding hints. Have fun, and happy hiding!


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