7 Tips To Dominate This School Year

It’s already nearly the second week of September, and this school year is in full swing. The syllabus has been reviewed, your unassigned seat has now officially become your assigned seat, and we’re all beginning to miss those home-cooked meals. With the start of school, there needs to be that happy medium between and education and all else that life throws at you. Even though I  may not even be prepared myself, here are seven untraditional tips and tricks to bring you one step closer to succeeding this year.


Get an Apple Watch (or Smartwatch, whatever)

First things first, an Apple Watch is one of the ultimate gadgets for attending college. An Apple Watch is a tool that not only can help you keep track of your fitness, but it is a solid way to keep in touch with things that are important. Apple Watches connect to a variety of apps, and is an extraordinary companion to its sister product, an iPhone. (There are all sorts of other “smartwatches” on the market, that are just as effective. I used Apple Watch as the product because I have experience with the product, and it is my personal preference.)

Source: The Verge

Download Apps

Believe it or not there are seriously hundreds of apps to download on phones, tablets, smartwatches, computers, and so much more that can seriously benefit you in school. Make your life easier, and keep your life on track with some of my personal favorites:

  • myHomework- A homework planner, as well as a life planner as well. There is timed alerts that you can set up so you can get a notification sent to you so you do not miss a deadline, or an important event.

  • Quizlet- The ultimate study buddy not only saves saves money and paper from buying those pesky notecards, but adds a twist to learning by adding in some interesting ways to learn, such as games.

  • Dictionary.com- Surprisingly downloading this app to my phone has been one of the best decisions I have made. You never know when you are going to come across a word you do not know. Making this app even better, the have synonyms for any word right at your fingertips making writing papers just a little bit easier.


Keep Track of Nutrition

I can’t tell you how important this is. The infamous “Freshman 15” is a real thing, and it doesn't just affect freshman. Having a healthy and balanced diet is important. Continue to take those vitamins and strive to eat more greens. Overloading our bodies in carbs such as pasta and breads will make us too tired to work efficiently on homework or other activities. A good balance between protein, carbs, vegetables, and fruits will allow you to put the best version of you forward in not just life but also in the classroom.


Be Aware of Your Health

Attempt to workout at least three times a week, because not only will it help your body stay in shape, but it will also make you feel good. Give your brain a rest from the books and hit the gym or go for a stroll for an hour. And also, HELLO. Get some sleep! Your body has been fried throughout the day from your activities. Go to bed early enough to get 6-8 hours of sleep! A lack of sleep can result in a seriously quick downward spiral, and sleep is such a simple solution. You're not as attentive if you do not get enough sleep, and that could cause your grades (and career path, social life, health, etc) to slip.


Study at coffee shops and libraries.

One important thing I have learned is that going to a coffee shop or library to study is extremely beneficial. Sitting in a dorm or home contains a variety of distractions, and a worn out brain will focus more on the distractions rather than what needs to get done. Going to a coffee shop or library not only relaxes your brain where at home it might overwhelm it, but it also is the perfect amount of social life and educational life. Seeing and hearing other people studying and talking quietly not only gives you a sense of not being alone, but also makes you feel welcomed and belong. This, in turn makes for better test scores, and being surrounded by espresso is always a positive.

Source: NewsScientist

Go to office hours.

I know that going to a big university is intimidating especially when dealing with professors. Yet, these people are one of the most helpful resources you’ll experience in college! (And especially at a liberal university, they tend to be pretty cool and relatable people). They genuinely want to hear from their student are there to answer any questions, clarify on a class discussion, talk about personal issues, give advice on relationships, discuss who they believe will win “The Bachelor”,and much more. In case you have not gotten the memo yet, they are literally there for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. Go to office hours, I promise it will be worth the trip! Watch this funny video if you’re still feeling shy. 



Trust me, when I first started school, I was terrified to go out with friends on a Thursday night! What about early morning class on Friday? Honestly, take risks, because some of the most fun experiences in college can come from going out on untraditional nights.  College isn’t all about getting an education, it’s about building a network, making new friends, and getting to know yourself. Too much work and no play would make a lot of us over stressed, so for that reason it's okay to go crazy downtown, or to sit back, kick up your feet, and binge watch The Office for the twelfth time this year.