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Working out is hard and getting to the gym, especially in a pandemic, is even harder. You might even be losing motivation to keep up with your 2021 fitness goals, but I’m here to help you out. Whether you’re looking to lose some weight or just stay active, these are five free workout programs to keep you on track.

January workout program – Madfit

Just because it’s a January workout program doesn’t mean you can’t give it a try in March. You might recognize Madfit’s YouTube channel, as she is the creator of the popular “dance party workouts.” In the January workout program, Madfit uses a combination of bodyweight, yoga, HIIT and dance party workouts to create a well-rounded workout program. She uses limited equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands and occasionally a chair to complete her workouts. If you don’t have the equipment, don’t fret; all exercises can be completed without equipment.

Ease into It – Yoga With Adriene

This is an O.G. Yoga instructor on YouTube. She has over 598 videos on her channel from yoga. From beginners to yoga for digestive issues, she’s got it all. At the beginning of quarantine I challenged myself to complete one of her 30-day programs, the program I completed was Ease into It. This program is geared for beginner yogis. The only equipment that is required is a yoga mat and your body. If this program seems too easy for you, feel free to check out some of her other 30-days programs on her YouTube channel. 

4 Week Summer Shred Challenge – Chloe Ting

I think I speak for most of us when I say we all remember Chloe Ting’s iconic 2-week shred program that went viral on TikTok during quarantine. Did you know she has a longer version of that? Introducing the 4-Week Summer Shred Challenge- this is a 28-day long workout program that focuses on weight loss and abs. Each day the workouts vary from 25 minutes to 45 minutes. The nice thing about this workout plan is she provides optional videos for warm-ups and cool-downs, as well as other workouts to complete if you feel up to the challenge. The only thing required for this workout program is a fitness or yoga mat. 

Low impact workouts – Sydney Cummings

A thing about these YouTube workout programs is a lot of them rely on HIIT workouts (high-intensity interval training) to get you results because it’s an easy way to burn calories. High-intensity doesn’t work for everyone though, that’s why I’m recommending Sydney Cummings low-intensity workouts. The catch is that this isn’t a formal 30-day workout out program, but she has almost 300 low-impact workouts to choose from. You could easily curate your own workout plan that would work for your body.

30-Day Fitness Challenge- Lilly Sabri

I felt like I saved the best for last. During the summer I was on a working out kick and decided to go ahead and try Lilly Sabri 30-Day Fitness Challenge. This was one of the most rewarding youtube workout programs I have ever tried. To complete this workout program, you are going to need to buy a resistance band and a set of dumbbells. Beware- these workouts will make you feel the burn. The good thing is Lilly and her Australian accent will soothe you and make you forget about the pain. So if you’re in for a challenge and have 30 minutes every day, this is the program for you.

Hanna Brown is currently a sophomore at the University of Kansas. She is working on obtaining a bachelor's degree in strategic communications with minor in creative writing. She hopes this experience writing for Her Campus will allow her to gain valuable experience writing in a professional setting.
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