3 Essential CBD Products You Need to Know About

If you don’t live under a rock, you more than likely are aware of the CBD shops that are sprouting all across Lawrence. These shops sell very common things such as essential oils, vapes, pods, sodas, tea, candy, and much more. There is one important piece that makes these shops stand out: most of the products contain CBD (cannabidiol), which is found in, you guessed it, cannabis. However, the CBD that is being sold is free from THC, (what is the element that creates a high when ingested) through an extraction process. Throughout the year I have tried CBD, and can’t wait to share what I’ve found through my personal use. 

  • SO, what’s the tea? Naturally, I am afraid of trying something new. My entire life I have eaten the same foods, drank the same dinks, and rarely have tried anything new (thanks, life threatening food allergy!) However, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity with CBD soda and tea drinks, and with a well put together presentation from my boyfriend about why I should get a cup, I finally caved into his peer pressure. It was great! I love the flavor and the CBD is barely there, but still produces a calming sensation. In summary, I would recommend the tea to first timers of CBD!


  • It is ESSENTIAL to have the OILS: You can name any hard surface in my apartment and I can guarantee that there is at least a 50% chance of there being a diffuser on it. Essential oils are a pinnacle of my everyday routine, whether it is applying them to a bump or bruise, a headache, or just diffusing them through my rooms. With the edition of CBD essential oils in my life, I have seen myself becoming more calm, stress free, and relaxing away from anxiety. Who would have guessed that such a simple thing such as a natural herb could have such a strong effect on me and my well-being? There are versions that can be dropped under your tongue to produce a direct calming effect as well!

  • Lemme hit your Juul: I am sure that you are all aware of what a Juul is, and there isn’t a need to explain that here. However, I felt out of place for not having one for so long, as I would never actually smoke anything with nicotine or harmful chemicals in it. However, I came across a packaging in a local CBD shop that looked similar to that of a Juul pod. Paying closer attention, I realized that the pods contained 300 mg of pure CBD oil and were free of Nicotine and other dangerous substances. With the purchase, I now keep my Juul with the CBD pods in my car, in my purse, in my pocket! As someone who struggles with the occasional car anxiety and clostrophobia, it is relieving to know that in my cup holder is a device that can help calm me, even if it's just for a few moments.


CBD has played a rather interesting role in my life, and up to this point has served as a great tool in freeing me from the anxiety and stress of everyday life.. If you have not tried your hand in CBD, I recommend you get it while it's hot. I promise, you will be thanking me. Here are my favorite products:  

Oil: https://www.cbdoflawrence.com/collections/tinctures/products/quiet-trees-endocanna-oil

Pods: https://www.purecbdvapors.com/product/hempzilla-cbd-juul-compatible-pods-300mg-2-pack-natural-hemp/

Tea: https://www.cbdoflawrence.com/products/quiet-trees-calming-rest-tea

Gummies: https://www.cbdoflawrence.com/products/good-cbd-20mg-gummies