Yummy Snacks for the Kenyon Campus

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a “snacker”. What’s that, you ask? Essentially, this:

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I eat every couple hours because I just feel happier and healthier when I do. It’s not a lifestyle that works well for everyone, but for those for whom it does, juggling it in a healthy manner can be tricky. If you're going to be eating pretty much constantly, you have to be creative when coming up with ways to do so without gaining a lot of weight. This task becomes even harder in college.

Pictured: My snacking station.

Let’s be clear: I am not a nutritionist. I do not have nearly enough knowledge about food and its components to recommend the upmost healthy snacks. I try to find healthy-medium snacks, something that’s a tasty and more healthy alternative to “junk food”. My fellow “snackers,” you know the struggle: this one’s for you! Here are my best finds for snacking in college:              

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Granola: Rich in fiber and whole grains, granola makes for a snack that actually fills you up. It tastes good, and according to my bag of granola (which I’m eating as I type this), you should eat it daily, or get an alternative 48g or more of whole grains. Look at you, getting all of your daily vitamins in!                           

Fruit: One of the hardest parts of adjusting my diet to college life was getting used to not having access to as much fruit as I wanted. Luckily, Peirce supplies some fruit, and the bananas, oranges, and watermelon slices are always good. My advice is to keep Peirce fruit on hand in your bag and in your dorm.

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Also, I highly recommend a single-serve blender for smoothies, because a jug of juice, frozen strawberries, and Pierce bananas can get a girl a long way.

Veggies: While you’re casually walking out of Pierce with four bananas in your arm, take some celery sticks from the salad bar to add to your delicious thievery. Buy some organic peanut butter, and then dip your celery sticks, or bananas (or both…) into the peanut butter for absolute happiness.

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Pretzel chips: At the Kenyon Bookstore, they sell pretzel chips— BUY THEM. They’re delicious and relatively nutritious compared to some of the more mainstream chip options.

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Banana chips: They also sell these at the Bookstore! I once was told that if you want to eat healthy, only by food made with ingredients a second or third-grader could pronounce. Lucky for you (and me), these banana chips pass that test, as well as the taste test! They are phenomenal, and to reward yourself for your healthy buy you could dip them in cookie butter (found at Walmart) or your theoretical organic peanut butter for eternal happiness—essentially.

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Caramel-Apple Suckers:  I’ll be the first to admit that my snacking is often out of boredom or of need to move while I’m writing an essay. If you’re feeling this type of hunger, go buy a couple of these from the Bookstore. They take forever to eat, which is perfect because you savor every last bite. Not too healthy, but I figure in the time in takes to eat one sucker I could’ve downed an entire bag of goldfish, so #winning.

I hope these tips and tricks help you out the next time your feeling the hunger struggle! Remember, fueling up doesn’t always have to be on junk food – healthy snacks can taste good too!