What Am I Going to Do This Summer?!

If you are anything like me, summer is your favorite time of the year. Beaches, constant sun, swimming, and no school work! I love running around like a hooligan in flip flops and shorts with no real plan and being able to sleep till noon. As much as I would love to do nothing all summer, I know that my mother will be very upset with me if I don’t do anything productive for three months. But what to do! What job to have? What fun activity to do? Here is a quiz that I hope will help you discover your plans for summer 2018.


1. Are you someone who is into fashion? No matter where you live, from a big city to a small town, there will be some really cute small boutique that I promise is hiring sometime in the future. Go in and see if they are hiring! No harm in trying.

2. Like kids? Summer camp counselors are a classic summer job for college kids, but something that might yield a little more cash is becoming an ACT tutor. Juniors in high school and even a couple of sad sophomores will spend their summers slaving over reading passages, and you can help them get through those sad times!

3. Really sporty? No matter where you live, there is a local gym that might be hiring trainers or other workers. Even if you are buzzing people in, you are still in close proximity to the gym!

4. Want some zen? I have some friends back home in Chicago who have spent two weeks getting their yoga licenses and now can teach yoga at some of the best yoga studios in Chicago. This could be you this summer too!

5. A foodie like me? I have been told that in the summer, chefs are always looking for someone who can wash dishes for their restaurant. Even though you would be washing dishes and not making actual food, it’s a good way to get your foot in the door if you are interested in the culinary world.

6. Coffeeholic? I hear it isn’t too hard to get a job at Starbucks, and then you can learn how to make those special drinks we all love oh so much. PSL ayoo!


I hope that this quiz helps you figure out your plans for this summer! Being bored this summer CANNOT be an option.


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