The Ultimate Gap Trail Workout

The perfect season is here: it's not too hot, not too cold. Fall is my favorite time to spend in the outdoors. Compared to summer when you’re sweating just walking outside, fall weather is actually decent. It can also get quite frustrating coming to the KAC at 4 PM and seeing the gym packed with the entire college campus and their mamas. We have the perfect workout tool and it is just a small walk away: the Kokosing Gap Trail! This is the very first place I actually learned that running could be pleasureable. The nature itself is breathtaking. Then, one day, I decided to try a “bench” workout. Any bench I saw, I would complete a set of strengthening exercises. So when the KAC is too busy or it’s a flawless autumn afternoon, take a trip the Gap trail and try this workout. It only takes 30-40 minutes and it’ll get your heart racing and your arms jello-y.

*Make sure that you’re starting on the side that leads to Mount Vernon, not Howard.

First circuit: Running

Okay, so running isn’t your favorite thing. But, these intervals are fast and easy and still give you the best possible calorie-burning exercises.

1 Minute: light jog

30 seconds: sprint as fast as you can!

1 minute: walk

30 seconds: light jog

30 seconds: Sprint as fast as you can!

30 seconds: walk

20 seconds: light jog

20 seconds: sprint as fast as you can!

Now, keep goin’! Do this two to three times.

So you’re back to the start. Do you see the side with all of the pretty trains? That’s what we are conquering next. Start out with a light jog (or walk) until you reach a bench on your right. It’ll be around .25 miles down. Now it's time for the next circuit.

Second circuit: Strength training

Tricep dips x10

On the edge of the bench lower yourself down until your arms are parallel with bench and bring yourself back up. You can make it easier by keeping your legs bent and more difficult by keeping your legs straight.

Step up with reach x10 each leg

You will step up with one leg and then bring the opposite knee up to try and meet your chest (so you’ll be twisting a little bit) This works both your glutes and your abs.


Bench sit-downs x10

With one leg bent, you’ll sit on the edge of the bench and slowly rise up. Make sure your knees don’t wobble around. Do 10 total, five for each leg.

Calf raises x25

Pretty simple. Slowly rise up and down on the ball of your feet. If you want it to be more difficult then do these on the edge of the bench.


Push ups x10

Your body should be at an incline. You can do this one of three ways: your hands on the top of the bench, your hands on the ground, or your hands and feet on the ground.

Cool down with a very light jog for around five minutes and stretch!! One thing I’ve learned is that make sure to take plenty of time to stretch. Here is a list for stretches.

This is just for the first couple of weeks. Once this has all become easier and more doable for you, add two to each strength set and see how you feel in the morning. Enjoy your new fall workout routine!


Image Credit: Faith Masterson, Divorced Moms, Pinimg, Fitness Magazine