Movie Remakes I'd Love to See

So, right off the bat, I’m going to apologize. I recognize that at this point, there are a fair amount of people who are sick and tired of movie remakes. I get it. It can be childhood-crushing and just plain annoying to see some of your favorite movies be reworked and reproduced to the point where the magic just isn’t there anymore (I just couldn’t bring myself to watch the newest Mary Poppins. Sorry Emily Blunt, I’m sure you were great). Especially in the era where it seems like every other day, Disney is releasing a live-action version of their most classic movies, I feel your pain. However… there are a few movies that I think absolutely deserve another shot. Whatever happened to second chances? Below, I’ll list some movies that I would absolutely love to see get a fresh take. Though, disagreements are welcome! I understand that not everyone shares my movie-watching preferences, despite the unrelenting and overly confident tone that I am probably bringing to the table in this article. Disclaimer aside, here we go… 

The Star Wars prequels

I figure that opening up my list with this trilogy is a relatively safe choice, given the fact that I don’t think anyone in their right mind truly and genuinely believes that these represent a perfect and unflawed collection of cinematography. Who wouldn’t want to see the origin story to one of the greatest movie franchises of all time worked to perfection? With Disney now owning the rights to the Star Wars franchise, given both their outlandishly large budget and incessant desire to churn out remakes (Disney, I love you, just stating a fact here), there’s no reason why this couldn’t happen. 


Legally Blonde 2

Full disclosure—I only got through the first ten minutes of this movie before realizing that I was both rapidly boiling with rage and dozing off to sleep. If that sounds overly harsh, it’s because it is! The first Legally Blonde was so truly iconic that its sequel felt like a slap in the face. Even if it wasn’t that bad. Regardless, imagining Reese Witherspoon returning in full force alongside Jennifer Coolidge, Luke Wilson, and Selma Blair to combat legal issues within the current political climate makes me so happy. Go on Reese Witherspoon, take down modern capitalism! We’ll support you. 


If Disney is going to continue to make live-action versions of old-school princess movies, I would humbly suggest that it would be an outrage not to include Pocahontas in the mix. Starting by casting a fully Native American cast to represent the—you guessed it—Native Americans in the movie, Disney could do right by so many viewers. Plus, the visuals of the movie would be so beautiful. “Colors of the Wind” in high definition would change my life. 


Percy Jackson series

I don’t have much to say about this one, other than the fact that, out of however many of the Percy Jackson books that have been adapted, none of them are good. I’m not one of them, but I know there are plenty of aggrieved Percy Jackson fans who deserve better. I got you guys. 


By adding this one to the list, I would never want to suggest that the first Clue movie is bad. Not at all! I just think that there could be such a good remake without compromising the quality of the original one. Plus, the potential for a new comedic cast is too good to pass up. I remember I saw somewhere (probably on Buzzfeed, let’s be real), that someone suggested Aubrey Plaza as Mrs. White, Bill Hader as Professor Plum, and Nick Offerman as Colonel Mustard, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. Please let this happen. 


The Aristocats

I’m mostly kidding with this one. I just think it would be funny if a) someone tried to make another live-action, CGI-packed cat movie and b) if said movie actually succeeded as opposed to its predecessor. Disney, I dare you. 

The Harry Potter series

Yup, I know. Super bold choice. This is kind of a loophole addition to my list, though. Here’s the thing: I love, love, love the original Harry Potter movies. I wouldn’t want to change them! How fun would it be, though, if the popular fan-driven desire came true in which HBO or another similar network made the books into a cinematically perfect, drama-packed TV series. Or, if a set of origin movies or a TV series was created based upon the lives of the Marauders as they attended Hogwarts. Just saying… 


I’m gonna cut myself off here and finish my list before I offend more people by suggesting their favorite movies be completely redone and overlooked by a shinier, higher-budgeted version of them. All I’m saying is, if any of these movies were to be remade, I’d be the first to buy a ticket. A girl can dream… 

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